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UFC 246: Bizarre Tap Out as Aleksei Oleinik Submits Maurice Greene

UFC 246: Bizarre Tap Out as Aleksei Oleinik Submits Maurice Greene

Aleksei Oleinik

In an absolute classic, MMA veteran Aleksei Oleinik submitted Maurice Green in the main card of UFC 246. It was predicted that submission specialist Olenik might pull out his Ezekiel submission move yet again. However, Maurice Greene showed grit and strength as he managed to get out of various submission moves. Greene outclassed Olenik in striking, but couldn’t get past his grappling skills.

UFC 246 Main Card hosted Aleksei Oleinik and Maurice Greene in the heavyweight division. What resulted was an impressive fight game, that saw some beautiful moments on the ground.

After a moderately better first round, Oleinik picked up in the second round, as he dominated the entire round on the ground. However, after a hard-fought battle on the ground, which saw Greene pull out a miracle as he survived a submission move, was the highlight of the match. 

UFC 246 sees a submission victory

UFC 246 delivered on what it promised. Olenik picked up an impressive knee bar victory against Greene in the third round of the fight. After multiple reversals in the third round, Olenik finally managed to catch Greene with a kneebar. And despite a flurry of punches initially, in the third round, Olenik used his experience and remained calm.

At one point in the game, Oleinik got caught in a kimura, however, he was able to get past it, and switch it into a kneebar. In one of the best reversals in UFC, Oleynik proved why he is one of the best submission mixed martial artist in the division right now.

A great start to the year for Aleksei Oleinik

Aleksei Oleinik should be credited more for another brilliant performance. He showed great grit and maintained a dominant position throughout the fight. He was able to go past Greene’s defense. And showed why he is one of the most feared UFC fighters in the heavyweight division, due to his skills on the ground.

Oleinik started his 2002 year campaign on a winning note. In the process, Olenik also broke his 2 fight losing streak, with an impressive victory against Greene at UFC 246. Both Greene and Oleinik were looking to get back on the winning column at the possibly biggest card they have ever been on. Though Maurice Greene put up a valiant effort and showed resilience. But it was the veteran, Aleksei Oleinik who got the job done.

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