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Conor McGregor Has a Huge Supporter Ahead of His UFC Return Against Donald Cerrone

Conor McGregor Has a Huge Supporter Ahead of His UFC Return Against Donald Cerrone

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor makes his much-anticipated in UFC 246. He takes on the UFC veteran, Donald Cerrone in a welterweight fight. Now the majority of the fans consider this fight as a stepping stone for Conor to a title shot at the lightweight division. However, Donald Cerrone presents a serious threat in front of the Notorious One.

This fight is at welterweight and that favors Donald Cerrone more than it does to Conor McGregor. The lightweight is the ideal weight class for Conor at the moment. That apart, Conor has only fought twice in welterweight before this fight. hence it’s hard to count out Cowboy who has the most number of finishes and submissions in UFC.

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Darren Till Gives Verdict On Conor’s Skillsets

Conor McGregor

However, UFC middleweight, Darren Till believes the Notorious One is getting his hands raised at UFC 246. He also claims that the old Conor who did some incredible things inside the octagon is back. He picked on the recent comments made by Cerrone’s coach. According to Cerrone’s coach, Conor is only lethal because of his left hand. However, Darren Till who is a southpaw himself seems to completely disagree with the notion and rightfully so.

“As a southpaw, it’s not the left hand. It’s the set-ups from the left hand, the spinning kicks, the feints, angles, etc. It all draws you onto the left hand. Also, that’s just not what he brings! You don’t beat who he beat by just having a left hand.” stated Till.

Though the left hand is how Conor finishes most of his fights he does a lot of things to set that left hand up. His kicks are highly underrated especially the straight kick to the body. His mastery in distance management is multiple levels above his opponent’s and he has a decent takedown defense to backup his elite striking. 

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Conor McGregor Knocks Out Donald Cerrone in Round 1

In the end, Darren Till who has a win over Donald Cerrone makes a bold prediction that Conor will knockout Cowboy inside the first round. Till predicted:

“I’ve got Conor first-round TKO, feel like the occasion may just be too much for Cowboy! But that’s just my opinion, Cowboy’s been around a long longer than me and knows a hell of a lot more.”

Do you agree with Darren Till’s prediction? Or do you think Cowboy’s experience will get the better of Conor at UFC 246?

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