Conor McGregor Mocks Kamaru Usman, Calls Jorge Masvidal Fight More Interesting

Conor McGregor makes his comeback at the welterweight division against Donald Cerrone at UFC 246. Before this fight, Conor has a two-fight experience at 170 and both the fight was against Nate Diaz. It is believed that Conor would fight for the lightweight title next if he gets past Donald Cerrone. However, there is a strong possibility that Conor would try his luck in the star-studded welterweight division.

There are a couple of interesting fights for Conor McGregor at the welterweight division, Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal. On one hand, the UFC title will be on the line that will allow Conor to make history by holding titles at three different divisions. ANd on the other hand, it’s the fan-favorite, Bad Mother Fu***r title and the super fight with Jorge Masvidal. While both the fights look very intriguing to Conor McGregor, he sees the Masvidal fight a more interesting one than the Usman’s fight.

Conor McGregor Calls Jorge Masvidal Fight More Appealing

During the press conference for UFC 246, when Conor was asked about which fight interests him the more Conor responded with:

“I would say probably the more exciting bout would be myself vs Jorge for a stylistic standpoint. Usman kind of has a similar style of Khabib, you know the “Sniff the Jockstrap” style. So I am interested in both. We will see what happens”

Moreover, Dana White’s comments that Conor is too small for Jorge Masvidal is making the Masvidal fight more compelling for Conor McGregor, just because he wants to prove White wrong. Conor added:

“Dana made some outlandish comments, one man is too big. That lit a fire under my belly. Last time I fought in this division, I felt amazing. I outlasted a tri-athlete, a man(Nate Diaz) known for his cardiovascular abilities, I dropped him multiple times inside the bout. I am back at this weight and I feel good.”

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Jorge Masvidal Has Unfinished Business with Nate Diaz

However, Conor McGregor values the undisputed title more than the BMF title. He also believes that Jorge Masvidal has unfinished business with Nate Diaz and the fight was stopped when it was just about to get interesting. Conor explained:

“I would like the Bad Mother Fucker title. Then I like that Gold. For me, the Gold is a little bit more, has more significance to it. Especially because of the way the BMF fight finished. I thought we were robbed of a classic contest there. I thought it was just kicking into gears round 4 and 5.”

Conor McGregor seems to have a number of super fights ahead of him. However, he will have to get past one of the most decorated mixed martial artists, Donald Cerrone, first at UFC 246.

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