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UFC 246: Dominick Cruz Predicts How Donald Cerrone Can Upset Conor McGregor

UFC 246: Dominick Cruz Predicts How Donald Cerrone Can Upset Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Dominick Cruz gives his verdicts on Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone and also talks about his future as well.

Dominick Cruz is probably one of the greatest bantamweight fighters in UFC. The former champion’s career has been plagued by injuries, but he remains one of the most dominant fighters in the division. Cruz made his anticipated return after two years and picked up an impressive victory against T.J Dillashaw. The fight is considered one of the best comebacks in UFC’s history.

Cruz last competed in 2016, in a unanimous decision loss to Cody Garbrandt at UFC 207. Since then, he has been away from the octagon. Recently, Cruz made headlines when he sent a scathing warning to the current bantamweight champion, Henry Cejudo.

Cruz appeared on Helwani’s ESPN show and revealed details about his comeback fight.

“I am still not sure. The next six months is my goal.” Cruz added. “I will fight again, you know. And this time, I am just remaining focused.”

On fighting against Henry Cejudo

When asked about his next fight, and whether he will be facing Henry Cejudo next, this is what Henry Cejudo had to say.

I didn’t lose my last fight, I got myself injured back to back. I am not tarnished at all, it’s still there. But I don’t know what Henry Cejudo wants. I don’t think anybody knows what he wants. He doesn’t know what he wants.”

Dominick Cruz shared his insight on the upcoming match-up between Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone scheduled at UFC 244.

Dominick Cruz on Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone

Conor McGregor

“Cerrone needs to stay tall. He needs to make sure that he uses his combinations, and finishes his combination with kicks. He is going to want to attack Conor’s body early and kick his legs early. Conor McGregor doesn’t leave anything in the gas tank in the first round. If Cerrone can come out in the first round, with his kicks and punches ready. And if he can make those adjustments, and the fight goes till the end, I see it going towards Cerrone slowly and slowly.”

Cruz revealed that Conor has boxing and speed advantage. He said that Cerrone has more power in his legs, and it’s an incredible match-up at 170. “Nobody loses in this fight if you are a fan,” Cruz added.

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What’s next for Dominick Cruz?

If Dominick Cruz does decide to come back to the octagon, an interesting match-up against Henry Cejudo will welcome him back inside the octagon.


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