Donald Cerrone and Fans Defend Conor McGregor When Asked About Sexual Assault Allegations

Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone came face to face for the very first time since the fight was made official during the press conference for UFC 246. The MMA world saw a completely new Conor McGregor ahead of his long-awaited return.

To start things off, Conor McGregor showed up on time for the press conference. There was no bad blood and mental warfare between Conor and Cowboy. Both Conor and Cowboy showed immense mutual respect towards each other leading up to the mega fight.

There was a moment when Donald Cerrone defended Conor McGregor when a certain reporter asked Conor whether he was worried about his return amidst all the sexual assault allegations.

Fans Got Rowdy At Press Conference

Cowboy jumped right on the question and urged the reporter to ask questions surrounding the fight that is going to happen inside the octagon on January 18th, not about the controversies outside of it.

Even UFC president, Dana White did not appreciate the question as he replied that Conor has already answered all the questions about his personal life in the interview with Ariel Helwani on ESPN. And the fans at the venue showed their frustration with the question asked and booed the reporter.

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Conor McGregor Maintained Silence On the Topic

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor decided not to entertain the question with an answer during the press conference. Earlier in the interview with ESPN, Conor responded to the question with the below comments:

“Would it bother you (to be accused)? There you go. Time. Patience. Patience is a skill we must master. Patience is the most difficult skill to master, and I’m working hard to master it. So time will show all. That’s it. Right now, I’m focused on the belt — focused on positivity and good thoughts. And I will say a prayer for those trying to bring harm to me with these types of things. Yes, of course (I deny them). Of course. Time, please. Time will reveal all. Time will tell all. That’s it.”

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No animosity, but respect. This has been the story of the press conference between Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone leading up to UFC 246. However, Conor has made it clear that even if there is no bad blood for this one, there will be blood spilled on January 18th.

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