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“Miss My Home Very Much”- Zhang Weili Trapped In The United States Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

“Miss My Home Very Much”- Zhang Weili Trapped In The United States Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

The UFC Strawweight champion and her team have decided to alter their plans of going back to Beijing. Zhang Weili posted a video on her YouTube channel talking about the problem they are facing.

initially, the 30-year-old fighter had plans to travel back to her hometown following her title fight with Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC 248 in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, Weili and her Chinese entourage have decided to extend their stay in Sin City to protect themselves from potential exposure to the Coronavirus.

Since the whole team would have to spend time in isolation after arriving in China, it could have adverse effects on her training regimen. Weili feels that the isolation period would affect her diet as well.

“If I arrived home I need [to] stay in isolation for 14 days. If [I] do that [there’s] no way to guarantee my training and my diet, urine tests. So I dare not take this risk to return.”- Zhang Weili¬†

Zhang Weili, supposed to be in Beijing by now is seemingly stuck in the United States till things calm down as the plans to make the journey back home had to be shelved.

How Coronavirus Previously Affected Zhang Weili

This is not the first time Coronavirus has forced Weili to take drastic steps. The outbreak forced Weili to relocate from Beijing to multiple locations. Initially, she left her home town for Thailand. This took place while the aviation sector was cancelling several flights in an attempt to control infection. However, she was forced to move out of Thailand to Abu Dhabi because of the increase in the number of infections and cases in the Land of Smiles.

Magnum faced another obstacle while making her way to the United States. A restriction imposed by the United States on travellers meant that obtaining a visa would be a real challenge. However, it was granted after the UFC worked tirelessly for it.

The strawweight champion has been away from home since the 1st of February.

“One month and a half passed by. I very very miss my home, miss my country. I want [to go] back home but we cannot. Now I will wander in [the] USA. Fight!”- Zhang Weili

She sends a strong message to her countrymen and women who are in the epicentre of this pandemic, yet again.

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