“We Want Our Sports Back” – Donald Trump Congratulates Dana White on UFC’s Return

May 10, 2020 6:17 am

UFC 249 began is underway at the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. The event is a testament to Dana White’s relentless efforts in overcoming all obstacles. He had to deal with a pandemic, lack of support from the broadcaster, losing his arena twice.

In addition to this, he has seen big-name pullouts like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Amanda Nunes, and Rose Namajunas. Fans are no doubt appreciative of the UFC President’s efforts. One of these fans made it known via a taped message. 

Donald Trump congratulates Dana White and the UFC

The US President is a known fan of the UFC. He has gone on the record to say he wants sports back as he is tired of watching re-runs of games that are years old. In a taped message before the UFC event ended a near 2-month sports sabbatical across the United States, he said,

“I’m standing at a very important spot, right outside the Oval Office and you’re looking at the White House behind me and it’s an honor to be here. And it’s an honor to salute you. I want to congratulate Dana White and the UFC. They’re going to have a big match. We love it we think it’s important to get the sports leagues back, let’s play. You do the social distancing and whatever else you have to do. But we need sports, we want our sports back, and congratulations to Dana White, UFC.”

Dana White is part of a team to kickstart the US economy. These include heads of various sporting leagues and organizations across America. Names like Roger Goodell, Vince McMahon, and Rob Manfred are part of this task force along with Dana White.

Donald Trump Includes Dana White in Task Force to Restart the Nation’s Economy

The UFC event has seen a record number of buys. In a chat with Yahoo Sports, Dana White called it “unbelievable” for pre-event buys. He claimed it has crossed more than double of UFC 244, 245, 247, and 248. 

It highlights President Trump’s words of the sports starved fans’ thirst for live-action. His words and a successful event in Florida will certainly go a long way in helping other sports use UFC 249 as a blueprint to return. 

How soon with other sports copy the UFC?

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