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“He Wants To Fight Cause He’s A Fighter” – Daniel Cormier Opens Up On Jorge Masvidal’s New Deal

“He Wants To Fight Cause He’s A Fighter” – Daniel Cormier Opens Up On Jorge Masvidal’s New Deal

Jorge Masvidal

An incredible sequence of events led to the UFC 251 main event getting canceled and reinstated in a matter of hours. Top-ranked Gilbert Burns’ loss turned out to be a massive gain for Jorge Masvidal. The BMF Champion accepted a massive championship fight with just a week’s notice. This is no doubt because he continued to train as usual despite being at loggerheads with the company. Now, one of ‘Gamebred’s co UFC fighters commented on the situation that allowed the parties to agree to a mutually acceptable deal.

Jorge Masvidal
On ESPN show “DC & Helwani’ the former said, “Whenever Burns fell out and Masvidal said he would absolutely fight. I was certain they would get a deal done.” 

The UFC originally offered the title fight to Masvidal. However, as they couldn’t reach a midpoint in negotiations, the company slotted in ‘Durinho’ for the Fight Island main event.

‘DC’ said, “Here was the thing that allowed Jorge to get what he was asking for. It was going to take something out of the ordinary for him to get what he wanted,. Because they had come to that point both sides where they were like ‘we’re not willing to do business.’ It is what it is, I’m not going to give you what you want. Well, I’m not giving you the fight cause you’re not giving me what I want.”

kamaru usman jorge masvidal

Circumstances played into the hands of Jorge Masvidal

Given that the maiden Yas Island PPV had the three title fights on one night USP, the company went to great lengths to salvage the event. Cormier said, “Here comes this extenuating circumstance, a big circumstances that allows you to come back to the table and say ‘hey, are you a little more willing now to give me what I want?’” 

He added, “The UFC’s like ‘you know what, man? This is Fight Island, this a big card, we need to blow this up. We need Usman here, and this is the guy.”

Finally, the top-ranked Heavyweight contender addressed his own comments on the 3rd ranked Welterweight. He had said that the BMF Champion should have been smarter with negotiations. 

“I never questioned whether or not Jorge Masvidal wanted to fight. He wants to fight, cause he’s a fighter. Nobody gets as many fights as he has, fights in the backyard, and not be a true fighter. So I knew the moment they could come to terms financially, the fight would happen, and there was a great chance the fight could be met under these circumstances.”

Jorge Masvidal

‘Gamebred’ has admitted it is not exactly where he would like it to be. However, he did say that it was close and he is happy with it. But, the veteran Welterweight fighter has ensured he will be a part of history. He also knows that a win will give him even more leverage in further negotiations. 

Could we see Jorge Masvidal pull off an incredible win to reach the zenith of a 17-year-long career?

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