“It’s Dangerous For Usman”-Common Opponent Demian Maia Predicts Jorge Masvidal Vs Kamaru Usman

July 12, 2020 1:12 am

Demian Maia comes forward and predicts the upcoming fight between Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman.

The contender of the welterweight division and the only man who has faced both Masvidala and Usman comes forward and predicts the fight. Set as the main event at UFC 251, Kamaru Usman will defend his welterweight belt against Jorge Masvidal.

This wasn’t an easy fight to secure. With a lot of back and forth and cancellations and opponents being forced off the card, we finally have a fight. A fight that has for a long time been speculated and talked about.

Being the only man to professionally face both the involved fighters, Demian Maia gives us his opinion on this match. Speaking with TMZ news he also picks his winner at the bout.

Maia said, “So you know fights are all about styles and matchups. It doesn’t mean that because I had a difficult time against Kamaru and beat Jorge, the same may not reflect on this match. But I think that there are some things that make this fight a Kamaru favorite fight. He is more well –rounded, he is a very good wrestler and he also knows he’s had a full camp. Masvidal didn’t have this camp. He just got this fight. That’s why I think Kamaru is the favorite.”

Maia went on to add, “But MMA is a crazy sport. Even when there is a big difference it is hard to tell who is going to win. And that is what makes this sport so exciting. It is very hard to predict such fights and its winners.”

Demian Maia has some advice for Kamaru Usman

Beating Jorge Masvidal back in 2017, Demian Maia has some advice to give Usman. He said, “I think what he should do is for sure do what he does best, which is mixing his boxing and takedown skills. Because even though he(Usman) has good boxing and is very technical and he is very powerful also. But in this matter, Jorge is more experienced. He’s been in more standup and boxing fights. So it is dangerous for Usman even with all his skills in a fight like that.”

So I think if he mixes his boxing with takedowns, Jorge will get a little bit tired because he didn’t have a full camp. This will help with a better outcome for him!”

Though Maia says it’s a tough fight to call, he picks Kamaru Usman. Do you agree with him?

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