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Darren Till Pulls Mike Perry’s Leg After UFC 255 Loss

Darren Till Pulls Mike Perry’s Leg After UFC 255 Loss

UFC welterweights Mike Perry and Tim Means met in the middle of the cage and gave fans an exciting fight. ‘The Dirty Bird’ Means came out on top on the scorecards after a hard-fought three-round battle. Chiefly, the UFC veteran is now on a two-fight win streak and he’s slowly inching his way towards contention.

The bout had several diverging narratives from the get-go including the fact that Mike Perry missed weight by 4.5 pounds. Furthermore, he was once again joined by his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez, who was in his corner. Despite the distractions that were tracking around him, Tim Means was able to stay focused and get the victory.

Darren Till on UFC catchweight: Mike Perry vs Tim Means

Perhaps one of the most interesting narratives was the fact that Perry’s rival Darren Till offered to corner him for the aforementioned fight. Although many believed that his offer was insincere, Till was clear that he was being very genuine. Following Mike’s loss on the scorecards, Darren Till took to Twitter and chimed in on the outcome.

The bout itself was a barn-burner from the starting bell and ‘Platinum’ showcased good grappling skills early. Not to mention, he threatened a tight RNC submission that Tim Means was able to fight off. The crafty veteran used his superior range to dismantle Perry as the fight went on.

The Dirty Bird’ unofficially landed 127 strikes by the time the fight ended and Mike hadn’t crossed 80. Additionally, Means was able to mix things up very effectively. He threw shovel hooks and masterful jabs. In fact, he landed a crisp three-punch jab at one point, thus showcasing a superior striking pattern.

Mike Perry is now 1-1 in his last two outings and he’ll have to be more consistent as time rolls on. However, there are plenty of positive takeaways that have come out through his recent performances. As for Tim Means, he’ll be looking to make a clear-cut run towards the title in the welterweight division. The veteran has been in the UFC since 2012 and is still honing in high-level skills several years later.

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