UFC 4: EA Announces New Star Ranked System

July 29, 2020 1:33 am

Electronic Arts announced its new roster for UFC 4 today, along with the new Star Ranked System. The pre-order for the game allows players to play as Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. But in all honesty, the new ranking method has been received as an interesting update by most fans. Launched in 2014, the UFC series has its own fan following that loves all the blood and bone of MMA fighting on virtual reality. The franchise became so popular that EA put its Fight Night series on hold. The last game of the franchise EA Sports UFC 3 was released on February 2, 2018.

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UFC 4 Star Ranked System

In a blogpost they published some time ago, EA revealed the new star ranked system that is going to help players have a better understanding of the roster in the game.

They say in the post,

“UFC 4 has re-envisioned the way players will view fighter overalls. Every fighter in the game will now be given a star value of 1-5 that will serve as a representation of their overall ability in the game.”

This entails that the fighters will now have 1-5 ratings based on their overall performative skill, and further ratings will also be available for “stand up, ground game, health, and moves.” This provides a better comprehensive study for players to judge the roster. Individual attributes and stats are going to be present too. Players will still have access to that for every individual fighter.

The blog further explains,

“This allows for a better assortment of fighters when playing online or against friends on the couch. For returning users and advanced players, you can examine a fighter’s individual attribute values as numbers. This will help you determine who has the highest punch power or highest kick speed in each division and allow comparisons of individual attributes on each fighter.”

In addition to this, players will now see the top 5 moves of each player during gameplay and the inputs required for them. This will provide for a better understanding of the opponents’ gameplay strategies as well. UFC 4 releases on August 14, on PS4 and XBOX.

SourceEA Sports

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