Ronnie Coleman, With More Mr. Olympia Titles Than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Once Made a Startling Revelation to Joe Rogan on Why He Became a Bodybuilder

Published 08/09/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

The Joe Rogan Experience has had many guests during its decade-long presence on the web. However, none was more amazing than 8-time consecutive Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman.

The Bodybuilding icon graced the JRE podcast on episode #1489. The GOAT shocked the host with his revelation of how he started his legendary career. What exactly did Coleman say that shocked the former Fear Factor host?


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The 2-decade veteran UFC commentator was in awe of the presence of The King. Rogan watched old prime Ronnie Coleman photographs and described the legend’s physique as something that can be made only in a science fiction movie.

Joe Rogan asked Ronnie Coleman about how he started bodybuilding

While having discussions about Coleman’s injuries, his renowned career, and how he could ‘smash’ The Hulk, Coleman had a surprising revelation.

Rogan asked, “When you first started, did you have this idea… was this a dream?” 

Coleman answered, “No, no, I did it because they gave me a free membership to the gym. I never had a dream, I just wanted a free membership because I was poor back then. I couldn’t, you know, afford to pay for a gym membership.”

Coleman further added, “I had to eat pizza every day to survive because I couldn’t make the best money. While the time I got into the Police department, I was still struggling and trying to get back on my feet and I couldn’t afford a membership still.” 

This answer was something Rogan did not anticipate and was surprised to learn these details about the legend’s journey started.

Who has won the most Mr. Olympia titles?

Arguably the greatest bodybuilder of all time, who surpassed Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s 7 Mr. Olympia title, realized a dream that he never had.


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Lee Haney (1984-1991) and Ronnie Coleman are tied at the number one position for most Mr. Olympia wins with 8. Phil Heath (2011-2017) came close to beating their record with 7-straight.

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Coleman and Rogan had a one and half-hour conversation where many stories about the Mr. Olympia legend came to light.


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What do you make of Ronnie Coleman’s revelation to Joe Rogan about starting his legendary bodybuilding career? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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