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“What the F**k You Doing Bro” – Joe Rogan Believes Vegan Canelo Alvarez Is Losing to Carnivore Kamaru Usman

Published 05/18/2022, 8:30 AM EDT

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Dmitry Bivol’s win over Canelo Alvarez shocked the world. Fight pundits were breaking down the fight to see what went wrong for ‘Saul’ Alvarez. Besides, Joe Rogan already had a theory about why the Mexican boxer didn’t look the same against Bivol. And recently he even joked that this reason could get him in trouble against Kamaru Usman.

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In a conversation with Cameron Hanes, Rogan discussed ‘The Nigerian Nightmare‘ as one of the generational talents in the UFC. Thereafter, when the guest pointed out the Nigerian UFC champion’s attire at UFC 274, Rogan talked about the UFC champion, wanting to face Canelo Alvarez.


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Hanes took a dig at Alvarez’s vegan diet and said, “Keep him [Canelo Alvarez] on salads. He’s [Kamaru Usman] got a pretty excellent shot.”


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Rogan chuckled at the guest’s comment that a carnivore Kamaru Usman will have an advantage over the vegan boxer. Subsequently, Rogan wondered if Alvarez would change his diet. Besides, he noted that during the fight, the commentators called Alvarez ‘little lackadaisical, little lackluster.’

The former Fear Factor host went on a rant on Canelo Alvarez for having a vegan diet, while also praising his boxing skills and courage to move up in the division.

Why is Joe Rogan So Important to the UFC?

Rogan said, “Canelo is so f***ing good that he can get away eating squash and tomatoes and still f***s you up; because he’s so g*ddamn good.”

However, he said, “If you’re in combat sports, you need to have everything dialed up, dialed in… That’s Canelo Alvarez. He shouldn’t be eating f***ing plants. What the f*** you doing bro? You’re eating celery. We gotta get a steak in you.”

Sean O’Malley aggress with Joe Rogan about Canelo Alvarez’s vegan diet?


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The former Fear Factor host is a big supporter of combat sports athletes’ having meat-heavy diets, as he believes it’s the best and most natural source of nutrients that combatants require for thriving in their field.

Even UFC prospect Sean O’Malley reiterated Rogan’s claim and suggested the new vegan diet as the one reason for Canelo Alvarez’s loss. In the past, O’Malley has talked about his transition from a vegan diet to a carnivore diet, as he didn’t feel comfortable while training with only a vegan diet.


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What do you make of Joe Rogan expecting Carnivore Kamaru Usman to have an edge over vegan Canelo Alvarez? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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