If He Connects It’s Goodnight- Michael Bisping on a Potential Fight Between Dillian Whyte and Francis Ngannou

May 9, 2020 7:48 pm

What’s better than MMA or boxing? A crossover. Conor McGregor did it to fight Floyd Mayweather. He may have not emerged victorious, however, the fight was one of the most lucrative fights in the history of combat sports. And now, one of the biggest heavyweight stars in the boxing circuit, Dillian Whyte, is eyeing a debut in the UFC, possibly against Francis Ngannou.

The WBC interim heavyweight champion of the world has proclaimed that a move to the octagon is a real possibility for the fighter. Dillian Whyte, boasting of a record of 27-1, has gone on record to confirm his interests in donning the 6-ounce gloves.

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn is a stalwart in the field of boxing. He has played an influential part in the careers of multiple world champions. But now it’s time to give his heavyweight star the opportunity he so desperately needs.

Hearn discussed the same while in conversation with former UFC middleweight Michael Bisping and former world cruiserweight boxing champion Tony Bellew, on his “Talk The Talk” podcast.

“It was Dillian Whyte, actually, who talked about the fact that he would like to have an MMA fight. But we were saying earlier about we feel a boxer would have more chance in an octagon than an MMA fighter would have in a ring, just purely because there’s only one way to win [in boxing],” explained Hearn.

Hearn also adds that Whyte’s priority is to become the heavyweight champion of the world. Following this, he could step into the world of MMA.

Francis Ngannou as a potential opponent

When it comes to a crossover fight, the UFC has several fighters who can take on Whyte on his debut. Bellew puts Alistair Overeem’s name forth, however, The Count had a different fighter in mind.

“Overeem’s actually a really good wrestler, and he’s got a ton of submissions. I think he’s got more submissions than what he has knockouts, from earlier in his career. Somebody like Francis Ngannou – that would be good. He can’t wrestle to save his life. But if he connects with you, good night, mate!” said Bisping as he explains why Ngannou will be a better match for Dillian Whyte

However, the others felt Ngannou may be a step too far for Whyte. However, it seems like Whyte is not one to back down from a difficult fight. He has already contacted White, letting the UFC President know that he is up for the challenge.

Michael Bisping lacks faith in Dillian Whyte

The Count burst into laughter after hearing Whyte’s wish to debut in the UFC. Not a big fan of crossover fights, Bisping recalls the time he witnessed Whyte in training as the heavyweight was helping Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson out.

“But we had that crossover, didn’t we? Conor and Floyd and that was fun, it was good. But I like seeing boxers go against boxers and proper MMA guys going against proper fighters because they’re very different sports. I love boxing, I love MMA,” said Michael Bisping.

However, The Count feels that having fighters crossover to the other end of combat sports results in setting the fighter up for failure.

Both Bellew and Bisping go on to recall the fight between Randy Couture and James Toney and how Couture wrecked Toney. For any MMA fighter, who is taking on a professional boxer, the logical tactic to go by, is to play to your strengths or better yet, to play to their weakness.

It is highly unlikely for a boxer, who has no experience in fighting on the mats, to win against a professional MMA fighter in the octagon.

Do you think Dillian Whyte can hold his own against the likes of Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou?

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