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UFC Fight Night 158: Michel Pereira Lost To Tristan Connelly After Showboating Inside The Octagon

UFC Fight Night 158: Michel Pereira Lost To Tristan Connelly After Showboating Inside The Octagon

UFC Fight Night 158

UFC Fight Night 158 showcased a welterweight bout between Michel Pereira and Tristan Connelly. It was one crazy fight that made the fans in the Rogers Arena blow the roof off in supporting their own Tristan Connelly.

The fight started with Michel Pereira dancing his way into the octagon. Keeping in mind that Pereira missed the weight of 170lbs by a margin of 2lbs, the theatrics Pereira pulled off was not making a whole lot of sense. Agreed Pereira took the fight on short notice, but after a brutal weight cut, the backflips inside the octagons seemed an unnecessary way to waste energy which cost him the fight in UFC Fight Night 158.

For the first few minutes of the fight, Pereira did a few backflips with one landing on top of his opponent when he was down. Agreed it was entertaining to watch, but the octagon is no place to fool around. We can ask Anderson Silva who got knocked out by Weideman while he was taunting Chris Weideman.


Pereira seemed very dominant in the beginning and it seemed he was too powerful for Tristan Connelly. However, as the fight went to the later rounds he became tired. After the first round, Pereira was struggling to get up and go to his corner.

In the second round, Connelly did a great job of controlling the fight on the ground. In the first round he did have some success with striking when his opponent got tired, but the last two rounds he was pouring it on Pereira.

UFC Fight Night 158

The guillotine attempt in the third round by Connelly almost finished the fight. Not only that. Connally finished the round with a fury of punches that made the Rogers Arena went crazy while cheering for their own.

it’s safe to say those theatrics at the beginning cost Michel Pereira cost him the fight as he wasted so much energy doing those. Even Connelly said “Felt like he was getting tired before the fight happens” when he was asked about Pereira’s theatrics.

However, nothing can be taken away from the Canadian, Tristan Connelly as he showed excellent ground games and fairly dominated his opponent on a 5 days notice. And his fight match certainly deserves a performance bonus out of all the fights from UFC Fight Night 158.

UFC Fight Night 158 Result: Tristan Connelly Beats Michel Pereira

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