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“You Are Next” – Colby Covington Furiously Calls Out Jorge Masvidal After Destroying Tyron Woodley

“You Are Next” – Colby Covington Furiously Calls Out Jorge Masvidal After Destroying Tyron Woodley

Colby Covington is back to the win column with a sensational KO victory over Tyron Woodley in the headliner of UFC Fight Night 178. In the post-fight segment, the former interim welterweight champion called out his former foe Kamaru Usman, who handed him a defeat at UFC 245. Covington also turned his attention to Jorge Masvidal and challenged him.

And why not? He just beat the former UFC welterweight champion grandly and can expect another championship shot soon. However, Gilbert Burns will get his shot against Kamaru Usman first. So Covington’s call outs are valid at this point.

Colby Covington has got some big names on his radar

After rag dolling Woodley for five rounds, Covington used a smart move in the last round. When the fight went to the mat and Woodley was trying to lock him in a guillotine, Covington forced him to turn awkwardly. The move hurt Woodley’s ribs and the referee immediately called for a stoppage, thus handing Covington a big win.

Yet ‘Chaos’ had a lot in store for the fans. Colby Covington belittled Usman in the post-fight segment.

Covington then turned his attention to his former ATT teammate Jorge Masvidal aka “Street Judas” and did not hesitate to attack him verbally. ‘Chaos’ said, “You are next.” Now, Masvidal and Covington had their failed title attempts against Usman at UFC 251 and UFC 245 respectively. Thus, a matchup between them will be alluring for several reasons.


Covington got back on the winning track with a victory against Woodley, and Masvidal is yet to do the same. The BMF champion hasn’t announced his upcoming fight following his loss at UFC 251. Thus, Colby’s callout can bring him back to UFC action in a contest that will allure several fight fans.

Colby and Masvidal had a tainted relationship in the past and shares personal animosity at the professional level. Thus they can put fireworks on display if they ever face each other.

Meanwhile, Kamaru Usman will defend his title against Gilbert Burns. Thus, Covington’s call-outs can partially materialize. He can battle Masvidal for the number one contender’s position with the winner of the fight might get their second shot at the UFC welterweight strap.

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