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Colby Covington Gets Into a Heated Backstage Altercation With Kamaru Usman

Colby Covington Gets Into a Heated Backstage Altercation With Kamaru Usman

Top UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington went off on the divisional champion Kamaru Usman following his main event scrap. Chiefly, “Chaos” emerged victorious when he squared off against Tyron Woodley in a long-overdue grudge match between the elite fighters. Covington dominated the former champion, and the referee called the fight off in the fifth round after Woodley injured his ribs.

The writing was on the wall for “The Chosen One” as he was losing steam as the fight was drawing to a close. The fourth round saw him at the wrong end of a 113-2 strike differential against Covington. Additionally, the rib injury he sustained was the final nail in the coffin and the referee waved off the fight.

Colby Covington sounds off

The All-American Wrestler from Oregon State spoke out to ESPN+ post-show broadcast team and was heated, to say the least, via ESPNMMA. Chiefly, the undisputed Welterweight champion in Kamaru Usman, was part of the team, much to Colby’s distaste. The aforementioned fighters have a seething hatred for each other that will be on display in their rematch.

Covington said, “Usman, you got so lucky last time, that was my worst night and that was your best night. Wait till the next time I see you, there ain’t gonna be no cheap shots, you’re not gonna be able to call fake nut shots and get a fake stoppage. I’m coming for you again, you know who’s winning that last fight. You’re on borrowed time, motherfu**er. This is my time, I’m getting my belt back.”

The two 170-pounders met back at UFC 245 in what was one of the best fights of the year. They slugged it out in an all-out war that finally saw “The Nigerian Nightmare” earn the fifth-round TKO stoppage. Covington protested the stoppage vehemently and is keen to run back the fight.

“When I see you, you’re dead”- Covington

Colby Covington continued his verbal onslaught as Kamaru Usman smiled back in a coy manner.

“No one cares about you. No, you didn’t [get the finish] I stood right up. You didn’t break my face. I got right up and protested. That was a fake stoppage. Wait till I see you next time ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ you’re dead! We got unfinished business. You better show up. I’m coming for you.”

Additionally, the combatants went back and forth and Usman asked Covington what exactly would happen in the rematch. It is safe to say Colby is fired up to face “The Nigerian Nightmare”.

“I’m knocking your a** out, you’re going out cold. I guarantee it. Just like I wobbled…I know you lost all those brain cells, you’re dimensional right now, and delusional, wait till I see you next time. Keep doing that, EPO. This is raw American steel. When I see you you’re dead.”

Fight fans are looking forward to seeing the next chapter in the rivalry unfold. Usman will have to get past Gilbert Burns first to actualize the rematch.

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