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“UFC has been trying to degrade me the whole time”- Nate DIaz

“UFC has been trying to degrade me the whole time”- Nate DIaz

Nate DIaz

After his long 3 years layoff, Nate Diaz is going to make his return on UFC 241 to fight Anthony Pettis. In an interview with ESPN, Nate has already shared his thoughts on how UFC has treated him for the past three years.

After the open media workout, Nate talked to the reporters and said: “UFC has been trying to degrade me the whole time”.

After Nate beat Conor Mcgregor, UFC booked the rematch. Conor won the rematch via decision, although Nate doesn’t feel like he lost that match. But the rivalry with Nate catapulted Conor to another level of stardom. Conor would go on to fight Eddie for the lightweight title and then he would fight Floyd Mayweather.

Nate has complained about why Conor was the only person who got a push from UFC after the two notorious fights. According to Nate, he has been here in the fight game for a long time and UFC should be promoting him alongside other fighters. And we can’t deny that fact.

Both the Diaz brothers are two of the biggest draws and finest MMA fighter in UFC. They have got an army of fans who have supported them throughout their careers. But they have been badly promoted by UFC. Nate is still the biggest draw in UFC after Conor and Jon Jones and he has not even been active in the last three years. That just goes to show how much people want to see the Diaz brothers in the ring. but unfortunately, UFC and the Diaz brothers always had issues since the beginning.

Nate Diaz said that UFC offered him fighters who were not even ranked in Top 10, they wanted him to fight in prelims, and they didn’t promote him well enough until they have got no other choice other than bringing him back. Nate was also offered a fight with Tyron Woodley when Woodley was the welterweight champ. But UFC couldn’t negotiate a deal with Nate for that fight.

With all said and done, Nate is going to step into the octagon again in the co-main event of UFC 241 to fight Anthony Pettis who seems not to like Nate at all. So we may see a brawl this Saturday in UFC 241.

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