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UFC Heavyweights Trade Low-blows, Crowd Reacts Hilariously to Stefan Struve

UFC Heavyweights Trade Low-blows, Crowd Reacts Hilariously to Stefan Struve

Stefan Struve

It was a crazy night for fight fans all around the world. UFC D.C. was full of thrilling finishes, brawls, and some shocking sequences. We saw Alistair Overeem suffering one of the nastiest injuries, we saw a bantamweight war between Simon and Font, and we saw Aspen Ladd making an emphatic comeback. However, the weirdest part of the night was when Ben Rothwell hit two perfectly timed low blows to Stefan Struve.

The fight was a fun one between two exciting heavyweights. While Struve was known for his size Rothwell is well recognized for his colorful persona. However, Struve was using his reach to his advantage. He was picking apart Rothwell from a distance and arguably won the first two rounds. Struve might have won the fight too. However, the low kicks from Rothwell played a crucial role.

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The first illegal kick took place in the first round when Rothwell threw a perfectly timed leg kick below the belt of Struve. The next thing you know the biggest heavyweight in the division when it comes to size was rolling on the ground in agony. It was a comeback fight for Stefan Struve after a long layoff. Hence he was expecting an emphatic victory, surely not a couple of low blows.

The fans in the arena tried to cheer up Struve. They cheered for him when Struve stood back up and looked ready to fight. And they showered him with Boos when it looked like Struve was going to quit. This went on for a while before Struve finally decided to continue the fight.

Again in the second round, Struve was hit with another illegal shot to the groins that brought the 7-foot giant to the ground. Struve took the entire 5 minutes to recover from the first shot. However, it seemed he was not going to recover from the second blow. The crowd again started cheering for the fight to go on. It’s safe to say that during this fight we heard the loudest pop from the fans tonight. Well, Struve finally decided to continue the fight after the support from fans and the referee.

Well, that cost Struve the fight as Rothwell came out with the final fury to put down his opponent in the final minutes of round 2. Had Struve decided not to continue the fight it would have ended in a No Contest.

As the former two-division champion, Daniel Cormier said: Although Ben Rothwell won the fight tongiht against Stefan Struve, it’s not something to be proud of.

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