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“I Will Hunt Him Down”: Israel Adesanya Addresses Jon Jones Moving to Heavyweight

“I Will Hunt Him Down”: Israel Adesanya Addresses Jon Jones Moving to Heavyweight

The rivalry between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones is still going strong and the fans are still waiting for the fight to happen.

The light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones defends his title against the unbeaten young contender, Dominick Reyes at UFC 247. Dominick Reyes has the tools to give a tough fight to Jones. However, fans are already speculating where does Jones goes next after UFC 247.

There are some emerging contenders at the light heavyweight division for Jon Jones. But it’s very unlikely that Jones is getting dethroned at 205. He has been dominating the division ever since he became the champion to the point that his title fights have become very predictable.

Even Jones himself wants super fights over the title challenges in the light heavyweight division. Jones has already shown interest in fighting UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya. And he is also aiming for his heavyweight debut against Stipe Miocic. But Jones believes that the Adesanya fight is not going to happen. In an interview with BtSport, Jones stated that Adesanya does not want to fight him. That apart he will be moving to heavyweight division soon, which might close the door on the super fight between Izzy and Jones. However, Adesanya has other plans in his mind.

Israel Adesanya
Jon Jones goes up on top of the octagon after defeating Alexander Gustafsson in the UFC men’s light heavyweight mixed martial arts bout at UFC 232, Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018, in Inglewood, Calif. (AP Photo/Kyusung Gong)

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Israel Adesanya will fight Jon Jones at heavyweight too

Adesanya addressed Jon Jones’ move to the heavyweight division and made it clear that the weight does not matter to him. He is ready to fight Jones at heavyweight too. Adesanya has experience in fighting heavyweight in kickboxing and boxing tournaments. So he is confident that he will do just fine against the heavyweights under MMA rules. Adesanya stated:

“When he(Jones) said by the time he goes to heavyweight the fight will be.. who gives a f**k about weight. I have never given a f**k about weight. It has never been an issue for me. I have been a heavyweight in boxing, in kickboxing, and I will do it in MMA. So it has never been an issue about weight. You can try and run to heavyweight but I will chase him down, I will hunt him down if I will have to. Let him go to heavyweight.”

Israel Adesanya has already made it clear that he would wipe out all the worthy contenders at middleweight division before moving up to fight Jon Jones. But he has kept the door open for Jones to come down to middleweight for the fight. However, he also believes that Jones will not accept that challenge. Nevertheless, Adesanya assured that he will fight Jones when the time is right.

“Let me do my work. Shut the f**k up. And I will comeĀ  see you when it is time.”

It’s safe to assume that we are going to see this super fight between Jones and Adesanya. The Last Style Bender is also ready to fight Jones even if Dominick Reyes comes out victorious at UFC 247. The only question that has been left unanswered is where does this fight take place? At heavyweight division or the light heavyweight division?


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