“I’m Going to Hurt That Guy”: Jorge Masvidal Not Happy With Dana White Protecting Conor McGregor

By 8 months ago

After the victorious return of Conor Mcgregor, fans want Conor to fight Jorge Masvidal next. The BMF, Jorge Masvidal has been campaigning for Conor to fight for a meaningful period. Conor is not too excited about the matchup but he is certainly considering the BMF title fight. However, UFC president, Dana White is not entertaining this fan-favorite matchup.

Dana White believes the rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov should be the next fight for Conor if Khabib gets past Tony Ferguson at UFC 249. He has even claimed that Conor would be on the standby for the title fight at UFC 249. Although he was impressed with Conor’s performance against Cowboy at 170 he does not like the idea of Conor competing at welterweight.

Another reason why White does not want McGregor vs Masvidal right now is, he believes Masvidal should fight Kamau Usman for the UFC welterweight title next.

But the BMF has his narrative as to why Dana White does not want Conor to fight him. Masvidal believes that White wants Conor to take the fights that are winnable for him. According to Masvidal, Dana White does not want Conor to lose because a loss may affect the financial value Conor brings to the table. The BMF explained:

“Damn right I’m going to hurt that guy. That’s the main reason why someone smart like Dana White doesn’t put that fight together and want it. Because they can put one huge fight together and all that but that kind of hurts Conor’s reputation. Instead, get him several small fights — they’re not small fights, like this last fight that he had and keep him winning — and keep that cash cow generating revenue as a winner. Because if you bring him on this side, you’re going to have to generate the revenue from the losing side of it and it might not be as much as him winning several small battles. So that’s how I think Mr. Dana White sees this thing. “

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Jorge Masvidal is confident that he will be victorious against Conor McGregor as he stated:

“If he brings him in on this side, he’s leaving with an ‘L’ guaranteed. They better not put that boy in there with me.”

Now it’s needless to say that Jorge Masvidal is going one step further to make the fight happen. However, Dana White protecting Conor McGregor from tough opponent is a tough pill to swallow. After all, Dana White wants Conor to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov who has already dominantly beaten Conor McGregor.

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