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It Would Be a Dream to Dismantle Conor McGregor From Top: Alexander Hernandez

It Would Be a Dream to Dismantle Conor McGregor From Top: Alexander Hernandez

Alexander Hernandez

Backstage at UFC 247, Alexander “The Great” Hernandez featured on an episode of “The Shmo And The Pro”.

He answered various questions regarding his plans at the UFC, his next fight, etc.

His answer to one specific question has caught everyone’s attention. On being asked who he looks up to most in the sport, Hernandez replied,

“I’m not even ashamed to say it, man. Conor(McGregor)’s been a long time inspiration of mine. I’ll be the first to admit it. When I watch McGregor perform, watch what he’s accomplished, it inspires me. He’s been my number 1…… ‘fanboy’ guy.”

Alexander Hernandez (11-2-0) is currently ranked #15 in the UFC Lightweight Division.

His first fight at UFC was in March 2018 at UFC 222. He came on short notice as a replacement for Bobby Green to face  Beneil Dariush and made his debut count.

He won the fight via knockout within the first minute of the match and won ‘Performance of the Night’ for the same.

Hernandez is one of the most capable fighters in the UFC roster and definitely has a bright future ahead.

Regarding his immediate future, Alexander told The Schmo that he will be making his first appearance of 2020 at UFC 249.

Alexander Hernandez is Inspired By McGregor’s Performances UFC

Sure, Conor McGregor‘s performances are a delight to watch, but is that the only inspirational thing about him?

McGregor has been in the UFC much longer than Hernandez and has established himself as a legend. His persona in the UFC is like no one else’s.

McGregor excels in winning hearts not only inside the octagon but outside it as well. Recently, upon winning his long-awaited matchup against Donald Cerrone, The Irishman has immense respect for the legend.

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Coincidentally, Alexander’s first and only loss at the UFC was too, against Donald Cerrone. He met him in the Octagon at Fight Night: Cejudo vs. Dillashaw. Cerrone won the fight via Technical Knockout in the second round and both fighters received Fight of the Night for the absolutely exhilarating duel.

The Notorious is well respected in the MMA world and is one of the most iconic personalities currently on the roster.

The fact that he is an inspiration to one of his own competitors is a huge bonus achievement for McGregor.

Regarding facing McGregor, Hernandez said,

“It would be a dream to dismantle him and de-mount him from the top.”


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