Jorge Masvidal Responds to Potential Matchup With Colby Covington

February 13, 2020 1:01 am

Former best friends Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington have not been at good terms at all. Trashing each other whenever the opportunity presents itself is now a hobby that neither wants to give up.

What exactly went down between the two that ruined their camaraderie is still unknown. What we do know is that their rivalry came out in the public due to the title chase and it has been a downward spiral ever since.

The most recent fight Colby Covington had was a title match against Kamaru Usman. Kamaru successfully defended his title, allegedly leaving Colby with a broken jaw. Ever since the fight, Colby has been off the grid.

Jorge Masvidal mentioned in an interview that it was common for Colby Covington to be injured during fights. Yet, Covington stated that the news about the broken jaw was untrue and has left us clueless regarding his mysterious disappearance.

In his most recent jab targetted towards Colby, Masvidal said in an interview, “He’ll be with secret service and shout shi*t when he’s at a safe distance. Nothing can really happen because he’s always with security. He has even stopped frequenting places he used to before because he heard rumors that I was gonna be there. The guy’s a coward man.”

What Would Happen If Jorge Masvidal and Colby End Up in a Matchup?

Responding to whether he wants to fight Colby, Masvidal responded saying that there is not a lot of money in beating “The guy who got his jaw broken by the guy I’m about to baptize”. The reason he gave was that Colby hasn’t really won a fight recently.

But what if a fight were to take place?

Colby Covington currently ranks #2 in the Welterweight division. He holds an impressive record of 17-2-0. Meanwhile, Jorge has fought many more fights and has way more losses on his record: 35-13-0.

Yet, Masvidal came out stronger than ever in 2019 after his 16-month break. He beat Darren Till, Ben Askren and Nate Diaz, all three of whom are huge names in the MMA universe. He also broke the record for the fastest knockout, earned two “Performance of the Night” awards and won the celebratory BMF(baddest motherf*cker) belt in these fights. Masvidal is currently ranked #3 in the Welterweight division.

What makes their rivalry more interesting is the fact that the two fight for the same gym. They have trained together. They know each other’s fighting skills inside out.

Thus, whenever a fight between the two does happen, it is bound to be one hell of a battle.

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