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UFC Mexico: Main Event Ends With Anti-Climax As Fight Results in a No Contest

UFC Mexico: Main Event Ends With Anti-Climax As Fight Results in a No Contest

UFC Mexico

UFC Mexico provided the fans with an anti climax as the main event between Yair Rodriguez and Jeremy Stephens was stopped since Jeremy Stephens resulted in a no contest.

It was only 15 seconds into the first round and Yair Rodriguez unintentionally poked Stephen’s left eyes. Jeremy Stephens is one of the toughest fighter in the entire UFC. And it was expected that he would carry on to fight despite the eye poke. However, Stephens couldn’t open his left eyes. “He got me good” said Stephens to the referee Herb Dean.

Herb Dean who has been criticized a lot lately for some of the bad stoppages tried his best to continue the fight. He gave Stephens full 5 minutes to recover from the eye poke. he also convinced the official doctors to give Stephens as much time as he needs within the 5 minutes to calm himself down and try to open his eyes. However, Jeremy Stephens was unable to continue even if he tried and the fight ended in no contest.

UFC Mexico

The crowd at the arena went crazy at the decision and started showing their frustration by throwing cans and water bottles to the octagon. Jeremy Stephens were escorted to the back safely while Yair Rodriguez seemed apologising the audience in an attempt to convince them to stop the chaos.

In his post fight interview, Rodriguez broke into tears as he apologizes the fans for the fight. He acknowledged the fans’ frustration as they were expecting a good fight in exchange of their hard earned money.

It was an unfortunate ending to the UFC Mexico. Yair Rodriguez said that he would like to fight Jeremy Stephens again soon.

UFC Mexico results: yair Rodriguez vs Jeremy Stephens end in no contest

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