“Dana White Couldn’t Give a F**k if He Tried”- Jake Paul’s Bold Claim About PFL and Bellator Merger Has Fans Trolling the Boxing Star

Published 11/20/2023, 11:02 PM EST

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The PFL has now acquired Bellator and its entire roster! The acquisition process unfolded over months, initiated as Paramount sought to relieve Bellator, leading to the official purchase by PFL. Bellator, established in 2008 and later acquired by Viacom in 2011, faced uncertainties following Showtime’s decision to close its sports division in October. The completion of this deal solidifies PFL’s position as the clear-cut rival for the UFC, shaping a new era in MMA competition!

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Jake Paul, the social media star turned boxer, recently took to social media to share his excitement over the news. And he also challenged the UFC to a ‘champion vs champion’ fight against the PFL. However, Paul’s excitement wasn’t mirrored by the fans. The community reactions indicate widespread support for the UFC and Dana White. Here’s a look at how the fans responded to Paul’s video!

Jake Paul gets slammed as fans come out to support Dana White and the UFC


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UFC CEO Dana White has been targeted by Jake Paul in the past for issues related to fighter pay. The friction between the two also led to Paul releasing a diss track about White in 2022. And with the news of the Bellator and PFL merger, Paul appeared to have more ammunition for his crusade against White. However, the latest reactions on social media to his video regarding the PFL-Bellator merger indicate that fan support is not on his side.

In the video shared on Instagram, Paul expressed excitement and described the PFL’s acquisition of Bellator as “massive news” for the industry. He stated that “it makes PFL even more of a global powerhouse, with the fight roster equaled to that of the UFC’s.”


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However, the comments on the video indicate that fans don’t agree with Paul’s take. Here’s how the community reacted:

Some pointed out Dana White’s indifference to the situation

Dana White couldn’t give a f*ck if he tried

Others stated that the UFC still remains the premier MMA organization in the world

There only one organization, and that’s the UFC!

Fans were also skeptical of the level of talent of the Bellator roster

Not to be rude but UFC fighters just look leagues ahead of mostly all Bellator fighters look at chandler for example he’s so use to fighting wild he never fight’s technically Bellator puts on some good shows but the fight IQ is always negative

Paul’s involvement in MMA was also questioned by the fans

I still don’t get why Jake Paul is related to PFL. He’s never done mma

Many others showed support for PFL but didn’t think that the rosters were equal in terms of skill

I’m happy for the PFL and like the organization. But they don’t have fighters equivalent to that of the UFC lol

The scale of PFL events was also brought up by fans

Idk how this will turn out but PFL’s supposedly biggest card of the year which is going to be this Friday is going to be held at a 2,500 capacity gym! So idk about being equal to UFC and all that.

Others stated how little they cared about the situation

I cannot even begin to express how little I care


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Fans have varying reactions to Jake Paul expressing excitement over the PFL and Bellator merger. Some dismiss it, with one fan noting Dana White’s indifference and asserting that the UFC is the sole organization that matters.

Criticism is also directed at Bellator’s fighters, suggesting a perceived skill gap compared to UFC athletes. Overall, a sentiment of indifference and skepticism prevails among the fans. But another interesting development for Paul with the announcement of the merger is his debut as an MMA fighter for the PFL!

Paul and his MMA debut under PFL is on the cards

Jake Paul has now set his sights on another combat sport! The social media influencer will be looking to compete in MMA under the PFL banner soon. According to Donn Davis, the PFL has an opponent in mind already.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Davis stated that the PFL is looking for Paul to make his MMA debut in Q4 of 2024. Davis noted the need for Paul to undergo more MMA-focused training as the reason for this timeline. He even stated that the PFL is open to hosting Nate Diaz vs. Jake Paul in an MMA rematch!

Davis revealed, “Here’s 15 million, here’s Jake, we have all the infrastructure at PFL, and we’re easy to work with”


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It remains to be seen if the proposed Diaz vs Paul MMA match does materialize. But the support by the fans shown towards the UFC underscores the uphill battle ahead of the PFL as they take on the UFC’s dominance over MMA.


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Do you think Jake Paul and Nate Diaz will fight in MMA next year? And will the PFL-Bellator merger lead to the end of the UFC’s reign over the sport of MMA? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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