Joe Rogan Wrongs Mike Perry in JRE: Ex-UFC Star Exposes Podcaster’s Approach – “I Wasn’t Ready and…”

Published 03/06/2024, 2:07 AM EST

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Mike Perry isn’t happy with how his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) went! ‘Platinum’ was a guest on the JRE MMA Show no. 141 in 2023. His conversation with the host Joe Rogan, allowed fans to get a different perspective on one of the most enigmatic and entertaining personalities in combat sports.

Perry had showed up to the episode with a bunch of gifts for Rogan. The plethora of gifts included his shorts from the Paul Felder fight, and even air fresheners with a shocking origin! But in a recent statement, he revealed that the episode didn’t go as he had originally envisioned.

Joe Rogan disappointed Mike Perry by not talking about “aliens”  


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In a clip shared on Instagram from his appearance on ‘The Anti-Hero Podcast’, Perry revealed that he was left disappointed with the conversation he had with Joe Rogan. He stated, “Joe Rogan I think, I expected to have a conversation with Joe and be person to person. And it seemed like he was trying to help me. It seemed like a professional standpoint from him, for trying to build my career.”

However, Perry indicated that Rogan’s approach confused him, as he had expected the podcast to be a more casual and light-hearted affair. “…I just want you to be a person with me. And have a conversation with me. But he was very structured, and about everything he would talk about,” the former UFC fighter revealed.

In a candid reflection on the experience, Perry also shared that he had expected Joe Rogan to involve him in conversation about topics that intrigued him, such as aliens and other non-mainstream discussions the podcast is known for.

Perry stated, “Ask me some sh*t that gets my brain going, and he was just so professional, trying to steer my career on a right path, and it’s just like damn, man. Maybe I wasn’t ready and I didn’t open Joe up to free conversation.”

While the episode may not have met Perry’s expectations, it has sparked discussion online about the dynamics of celebrity interviews and the importance of fostering an environment conducive to open conversation.

And with his upcoming BKFC fight also receiving an announcement recently, Perry’s conversation from the JRE episode also illuminated the unique skill set he has developed to succeed in the sport!  

‘Platinum’ fighting another UFC veteran at BKFC Knucklemania 4 

Arguably the biggest bare-knuckle boxing star, Mike Perry, will return to action on April 27 in Los Angeles. He engages in a clash against another UFC veteran Thiago Alves at BKFC KnuckleMania 4. The event, announced by BKFC president David Feldman on The MMA Hour, marks the first BKFC card in California after the state approved bare-knuckle fighting.

Perry, known as the face of BKFC, holds a flawless 4-0 record in the promotion, defeating notable names like former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez and Luke Rockhold.


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And in his appearance on the JRE, despite his disappointment with the conversation, he highlighted some interesting differences in the technique required for the brutal sport!

He shared, “[A] lot of time with boxing gloves, your hands are like open and you try to close it at the right time. ‘Cause if you’re squeezing your fists, it’s a little harder to move. You’re kinda tense. But in bare-knuckle, you have to learn how to move while you’re tense and keep your hands close.”


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His remarks underscored the unique approach bare-knuckle boxing requires compared to gloved combat sports like boxing or MMA. And with his next fight lined up, fans will be eagerly awaiting to see what chaos ‘The King of Violence’ brings to the BKFC ring!


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