Conor McGregor’s BKFC Releases $1.3 Million in Payout as Mike Perry Surpasses UFC Champ’s $400K Purse

Published 04/29/2024, 1:11 AM EDT

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The former UFC contender, Mike Perry, has yet again impressed the audience with a phenomenal KO over Thiago Alves at BKFC Knucklemania 4. But the shocker is in his pay. Perry’s flat fee from the California State Athlete Commission (CSAC) was significantly higher than the fighters’ pay at UFC 298, with the only exception of Alexander Volkanovski. The other UFC fighters received at least $200,000 less than the BKFC fighter. Without a doubt, it was bound to happen after Conor McGregor became one of the owners of BKFC.

Andy Hickey recently blazed some light with a side-by-side comparison of the PPV pay. However, he wasn’t the only one to have noticed the difference. Demetrious Johnson, also brought the scenario to light on his YouTube channel. But how much did Perry earn?

Mike Perry receives more PPV money than UFC champion


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Hickey has recently highlighted the mind-boggling difference in the fighter pay for UFC 298 and BKFC Knucklemania 4. He revealed that CSAC was one of the commissions that released fighter pay. He then equipped the fighting community with a side-by-side comparison of the fighter pay from the last UFC event held in California, and that from Knucklemania 4. 

Surprisingly, only Volkanovski received a total pay of $750,000 at UFC 298. Ilia Topuria and Robert Whittaker received $400,000. Paulo Costa and Mackenzie Dern got only a quarter million dollars. The rest of the warriors at the UFC, received way less, with the lowest fighter pay being $10,000. 


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On the other hand, ‘Platinum’ received a whopping sum of $600,000 from CSAC, for his performance at BKFC Knucklemania 4. Second to him, Alves received less than half of that amount, and then it only goes down further with the others. Although Perry’s payout was way too high, when compared to UFC champs, the others got a meager amount, with the lowest flat fee being $500 for Sydney Smith

Even though the total payout for Knucklemania was $1,369,000, which was almost thrice less than that of UFC 298’s total payout of $3,790,000, the fact that Perry’s pay was higher than Topuria raised quite a lot of voices. Even Hickey wrote, “Mike Perry, incredible.” 


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Now let’s take a look at what Demetrious Johnson had to say on the whole ordeal!

MMA star adds his opinion

In a recent reaction video on his YouTube channel, Demetrious Johnson, revealed his thoughts on Perry’s impressive PPV income. ‘Mighty Mouse’ spoke, “As always, I’m going to keep rooting for the man [Mike Perry]. He keeps on finishing everybody I don’t know who they are going to give him. I mean, the man made $600,000 on his fight plus per view points so I know he is making more money than the f***ing champions in the UFC.”


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Johnson further mentioned that the UFC flyweight champion, Alexandre Pantoja, might receive only $350,000, in the upcoming fight against Steve Erceg at UFC 301. It was previously revealed that with 15 fights in the UFC, Perry earned about $1.3 million. However, he is earning a lot more fighting with his bare knuckles. 

What are your thoughts on Perry making more money than UFC champions? Do you think White would raise the bar for UFC 301? Let us know in the comments down below.


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