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“Dana, Last Day to Accept My Offer” – Jake Paul Offers a Modified Final Deal to UFC President Dana White

Published 01/06/2022, 9:30 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Jake Paul doesn’t plan on letting Dana White loose anytime soon. Paul and White have been involved in a feud for some time now and ‘The Problem Child’ just upped the stakes.

The YouTuber turned boxer started taking shots at White regarding the fighter’s pay issue. Multiple UFC fighters have raised this issue in the past and Paul seems to have stuck to it. However, the feud between him and the UFC President has escalated recently. After his highlight win over Tyron Woodley, Paul tweeted his boxing bucket list and put White’s name in it.

Paul also laid out a challenge for White. He asked him to increase the minimum fighter pay per fight and guarantee 50 percent of UFC’s annual revenue to the fighters. The undefeated boxer even gave him a five-day deadline to accept the offer and, in turn, agreed to retire from boxing and fight Jorge Masvidal.


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Dana White hasn’t responded to his demands yet and Paul has tried to ‘improve’ the offer for him. In a recent tweet, he said he is willing to reduce the minimum fighter and revenue sharing number.

He wrote, “Dana, last day to accept my offer… you are a good negotiator. In an effort to bridge the gap, I’m willing to reduce my ask to $40K min, 40% rev for first 5 years and long-term health care. Deal? Or are you making another selfie video showing the world how much I’m in your head?”


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There seems to be no end to the back-and-forth between the two. White in a video responding to Paul’s cocaine claims asked to randomly test the boxer for steroids, which he accepted but had conditions around that as well.

Marvin Vettori wants to spar Jake Paul

It has become a regular thing for UFC fighters and Jake Paul to engage on social media. It seems as if almost every UFC fighter wants to take on Paul, and the latest one to be added to that list is Marvin Vettori.

The UFC middleweight Vettori challenged Paul to a sparring session. He even went ahead and said that ‘The Problem Child’ won’t last more than six rounds with him. He wrote, Hei Fake Paul @jakepaul let’s set up a sparring. I’ll match any bet you want. You claim anybody, anytime, anywhere but you won’t go further then 6 rounds, I promise you that. Put your n**s on the table, I wanna feel if you can really box.”


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It is yet to be seen if Paul responds to the challenge made by the former UFC middleweight title contender. Vettori might not be the biggest draw, but he is a tough fighter and would pose a genuine challenge.


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What do you think Dana White should do? Should Paul accept Vettori’s challenge? Let us know in the comments!



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