Eddie Hearn’s Cryptic Statement on Nate Diaz-Canelo Alvarez Fight Causes Concern Among Fans

Published 02/02/2023, 3:40 AM EST

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Nate Diaz is a hot topic in the combat sports world, as he has suddenly become a free agent after being removed from the UFC roster. While everyone is waiting with bated breath to see what’s next in store for the veteran fighter, rumors have been flying about potential new homes for Diaz and big fights in 2023. Now, it seems that one of those big fights might just be in the boxing ring. Major boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has spilled the beans that Diaz has expressed his desire to throw down with the boxing powerhouse Canelo Alvarez. The thought of Diaz having to prove his dominance in the boxing ring against someone like Alvarez is certainly a cause for concern. As a result, this news has sent UFC fans into a tailspin, with many shaking their heads and warning that Diaz is biting off more than he can chew.

Fans strongly warn Nate Diaz against his ambitious desire

Fans have always been drawn to Nate Diaz for his fearless spirit and unique approach to the fight game. However, during a recent Ariel Helwani interview, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn revealed that Diaz has expressed a desire to take on none other than Canelo Alvarez. While fans have always been enamored with Diaz, this move has left some of them scratching their heads, as the challenge is perceived as a daunting one.


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Check out below how the fans reacted to this wish of Nate Diaz:

Why not a Floyd Mayweather Fight? This fan wonders why Nate Diaz isn’t asking for that instead:

This fan puts out a plea to protect Diaz’s future:

Quick end predicted for Diaz by this user:

And a rather snide remark for Nate Diaz by this fan:

Canelo’s dominance was foreseen by this fan.

Another fan forecasted a grim outcome:

This fan places doubts about Diaz’s boxing chances:

If Nate Diaz takes the bold step to fight Canelo Alvarez, it could be a make-or-break moment for him. The fans have already voiced their concerns and predicted a grim outcome, with some even warning him to steer clear of the dangerous fight.

Having said that, Nate Diaz has been presented with yet another tantalizing proposition as Jake Paul, fresh from partnering with PFL, has thrown down the gauntlet for a showdown with the fan favorite. And this is one fight even Diaz has yearned for.

Jake Paul is ready with open arms


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Jake Paul didn’t hesitate to make his presence felt after inking his multi-year deal with the PFL. The 26-year-old stepped up to the plate, challenging Nate Diaz to not one, but two fights: one in MMA and one in boxing. Paul took to social media to showcase his bold confidence, tweeting about his eagerness to put Diaz’s fighting skills to the test in the boxing ring.


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With everything to gain and nothing to lose, Diaz and Paul’s match-up could be the start of a new era in the fight world. It’s a chance for Diaz to hit the reset button and put his stamp on the fighting world once again. The ball’s in Diaz’s court now and the fans are eagerly waiting to see what he’ll do next.

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