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“He’s Too Much Of A Sh*t Talker”- Ryan Garcia Goes Off On Former UFC Champion Henry Cejudo

“He’s Too Much Of A Sh*t Talker”- Ryan Garcia Goes Off On Former UFC Champion Henry Cejudo

22-year-old boxing sensation Ryan Garcia spoke out on TMZ and shared his views on the recent combat sports news. Garcia chimed in on a future fight with Devin Haney and the boxing comebacks of Mike Tyson and Oscar De La Hoya. Chiefly, he also expressed his views on former UFC double champion Henry Cejudo, who held the Flyweight and Bantamweight straps.

“KingRy” and Henry Cejudo have no love lost for each other ever since the latter officially retired from MMA. Not to mention, the two elite athletes have been jawing back and forth in the media for several months. It appears a fight between the two is on the cards, given the animosity they share for each other.

Ryan Garcia pulls no punches

The undefeated boxer once again had fighting words for Henry Cejudo. Additionally, he provided some insight into a fight contract that was rumored to be in the works.

“Oh yeah, I’m going to drop him one day for sure. I’m going to beat the sh*t out of him.

“No, there hasn’t (been talk about a contract yet). But if anybody that I want to beat up from the MMA world, it’d have to be him. I don’t like him. He just talks too much sh*t. He’s too much of a sh*t talker,” Garcia said.

Henry Cejudo’s rise to dominance in the UFC has been marked by his vehement trash-talking and fight promotion. The self-proclaimed “King of Cringe” never backs down from running up the headlines with his comments. Despite being retired from the sport of MMA, he remains one of the most active fighters on social media.

Cejudo last fought back at UFC 249, earlier this year, against former 135-pound champion Dominick Cruz. Henry announced his retirement following the fight, much to the surprise of the MMA world. In light of his departure from the sport, fans expected that “Triple C” would no longer actively call out any fighters.

What’s more, Ryan Garcia is attempting to get back into active competition, last having fought back in February. Given his disdain for Cejudo’s frequent trash-talking, it’s highly likely that a crossover bout could be in the works.

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