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Tyson Fury is arguably the greatest heavyweight boxer of our generation. He has an undefeated record of 34-0-1 (W-L-D). The one draw coming against Deontay Wilder in a very close fight, which many believe Fury won. Fury’s name was recently used in a post by Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, Gordon Ryan, and the latter’s claims are now making waves.

Gordon Ryan is the consensus modern-day ‘GOAT’ of Jiu-Jitsu for many. He has an impressive record of 153-9-3 (-L-D). Ryan has won multiple tournaments and is well-known in the fight world. He recently posted a story on his Instagram which was a comparison poll between him and boxing royalty, Tyson Fury, where he claimed he could beat the boxer in a street fight. Fans went off on a Reddit post regarding this stunt, clearly with a different view from Ryan.

Fans React to Gordon Ryan claiming he would beat Tyson Fury in a street fight


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Tyson Fury has been an easy target to pick on for MMA fighters and fans after his recent close decision win against Francis Ngannou. Ngannou put up quite a fight against Fury in their fight, even knocking down the boxing giant. Fury’s close fight with the Cameroonian certainly put an asterisk on his record in the eyes of many.

Since then, Fury has been on the back end of a lot of talks about his legitimacy. A recent post by Jiu-Jitsu great Gordon Ryan was just another one of them. However, what Ryan couldn’t have expected was most of the fans getting behind Fury after the post.

It’s not a new thing to hear the fans’ disapproval of Gordon Ryan. Ryan has been under accusations of using PEDs in his career and he responded it’s not banned in their sport and almost everyone does it. Coming back to his IG story, Ryan claimed that “the additions of kicks and obviously takedowns” would hand him an easy win against Fury. However, the fans shared a different opinion. Here’s what the fans had to say about the Reddit post.

“Babe wake up, new “who wins in a street fight” just dropped.”

“Gordon must be coming out with a leg kick instructional soon. /s”

“While Gordon would likely take him down and finish him barring any fluke KO punch. Why is he talking about kicking like he knows how to throw kicks. Tyson and Gordon are both on the same level kicking wise lol.”

“By all accounts Gordon was terrible at striking and mixing it up in MMA.”

“I like Tyson’s odds in a street fight. I guarantee you he has more buddies than Gordan, and they’re gonna come bust a beer bottle over the head of anyone trying to scissor up against Fury.”

“Gordon by charging in for a bodylock with this hands on his forehead ala Royce”

“What’s the point of this though? We all know in a grappling match he would whoop Fury. In a boxing match the script is flipped. It’s like saying Messi would f*** up Michael Jordan in a soccer game. No sh*t…”

Fight fans acknowledged that Ryan would be the better grappler, but striking-wise, Fury would certainly have the upper hand. Fans trolled his comment on using kicks to his advantage as neither fighters use kicks in their respective sports. But if the two combatants were to fight, how would it turn out?

‘The King’ vs ‘The Gypsy King’, how would the match turn out?


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Gordon Ryan and Tyson Fury will most likely never cross paths. But, if they were to, it would definitely be an interesting matchup. Both fighters are insanely technical when it comes to their respective sport and could even be considered the best to do it. Tyson Fury is the more technical fighter when it comes to striking. Whereas, Gordon Ryan outclasses the ‘Gypsy Giant’ when it comes to grappling. It is no surprise to hear that the grapplers tend to have an advantage when it comes to MMA, but would that apply in an actual fight?

Fury is definitely the way bigger man, so it might be an advantage to him if he keeps his distance and lands from outside. Gordon Ryan on the other hand, could tear off a limb if he grabs a hold of Fury. The biggest factor here would be managing the distance for either fighter. But then again, the chances of this fight ever happening are slim to none.

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Gordon Ryan seems happy with just competing in Jiu-Jitsu as of now. So is it okay for him to call out someone from a completely different sport? And would Ryan actually compete in a sport other than Jiu-Jitsu? if he does, how would he perform? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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