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“My A** Would’ve Ran Too” – Jake Paul Running Away From Floyd Mayweather & His Entourage Gets Defended

Published 03/09/2023, 4:31 AM EST

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Jake Paul was riding high on a 6-fight undefeated streak before losing to Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia last month. Moreover, the internet was flooded with memes on ‘The Problem Child’ after he made excuses for his loss. Moreover, UFC star Aljamain Sterling shared a video on Twitter that shows Jake Paul running away from boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

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Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather have a lot of heat between them. It started when ‘The Problem Child’ disrespected the undefeated boxer by stealing his cap during the press conference for his fight with Logan Paul. But the story didn’t end there. Mayweather proceeded to pursue his stolen cap and landed a few blows to Jake Paul. ‘The Problem Child’ was left with bruises on his face.


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However, a recent viral video clip shows Paul running away from Mayweather and his entourage after they came face to face in Miami. Many felt ‘The Problem Child’ seemed scared to confront his brother’s former opponent.

Aljamain Sterling shares video of Jake Paul running away from Floyd Mayweather

‘Funk Master’ took to Twitter and captioned the video: “Shiiiid my a** would’ve ran too, if 5+ ppl trying to hop me. What sensible 5’7” person gonna stay there trying to be Batman.”

The incident took place after the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers’ NBA game. Jake Paul was seen waiting for someone when Floyd Mayweather walked up to him and was accompanied by his entourage. They confronted Jake Paul, but his bodyguard was trying to avoid the scuffle. However, Mayweather stepped up to the guard as the latter moved aside.


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However, Jake Paul tried to walk away from them and ended up running away to avoid any kind of physical altercation with them. Aljamain Sterling clearly took a dig at him and believes that ‘The Problem Child’ made the right choice by fleeing from the situation. He earlier challenged Jake paul to a boxing match, but there was no response from the social media influencer.


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Paul addressed what transpired after the NBA game on social media. He claims that 50 guys walked up to him out of nowhere for a fight. Paul also made a post on Twitter, calling out the undefeated boxing legend, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, for a one-on-one fight.


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Floyd Mayweather told the media that he had no intentions of jumping out of nowhere to fight Jake Paul. Instead, he just happened to run into him when he was leaving the arena after the basketball game was over. Jake Paul could have found himself in a lot of trouble if he didn’t decide to take off from the situation. What do you think?

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