“Offered 15 Mil to Go Get Choked”- Fans Advice Nate Diaz to Take Up Jake Paul Fight as PFL Boss Donn Davis Promises Ex-UFC Star His Highest Payday

Published 11/20/2023, 8:50 PM EST

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Rivalries have long been the essence in the realm of combat sports, and their presence is essential for captivating the fans’ attention. The ceaseless clash between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul is the new addition to these epic feuds. Earlier,͏ they engaged in a boxing fight, one confrontation that witnessed Paul tasting victory. Their rematch was sche͏duled to happen by the end of this year but nothing has been an͏nounced till now.

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Excitement has been building for the upcoming rematch, especially with the venue set to be an MMA arena. The burning question on everyone’s lips is when this much-anticipated showdown will finally happen. PFL CEO has offered a massive deal to Nate Diaz to accept the fight but Diaz is yet to offer any words of assessments. And the fans have let their sentiments known.

Fans called out Nate Diaz to accept PFL CEO’s offer


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Jake Paul won the initial bout and promised a rematch in the MMA arena. Months have passed since then and there’s no confirmation about their rematch. Paul has even called out Diaz for ducking the fight. Their rematch window was $10 million as per PFL CEO Donn Davis. But now it has been increased to $15 million but still there’s no confirmation from Nate Diaz.

As soon as the news of an increased amount leaked to the internet, Fans rallied behind Nate Diaz to accept the fight. some of the reactions by the fans are as follows:-


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Tf u mean should he take it? Duh, he would absolutely maul Jake in MMA. It would be beautiful

Imagine getting offered 15 mil to go get choked out on livestream

He should take it. Dana White would tell him to take that fight for 15 million. No doubt in my mind

I’m fighting the whole roster for that type of money!

My guess is Nate can use this offer as leverage w the UFC, or hold out and get an even bigger bag

Im fighting Francis Ngannou for $15 mil But if theres one dude who would turn that deal it would be Nate Diaz

Nate should take the fight so Jake Paul could whoop him


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It can be understood from the reactions of the fans that they are not amused by Diaz’s unwillingness to face Jake Paul once again. They add that Diaz is making a bad decision by not taking the fight. Nonetheless, what could be the reason for Diaz’s unwillingness? As per Paul, Diaz is making baseless claims for the match.

Jake Paul explains why Diaz is ducking the fight


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Jake Paul recently engaged in a conversation with Ariel Helwani. Paul explained that Diaz is not willing to fight him “I’m not sure if I’d use the word “close.” I think there was a point where there was genuine interest from his team in making it happen, and then there was just radio silence after that.” Said Jake Paul.

He further added “Now he’s calling it the PFL and all this stuff. It’s like, okay, bro, you either want to make this happen or not. He’s saying, “Oh, we’ll do it under real fight.” That’s not a real thing, by the way. We taught them about the business, and how to run their operation, and we let them put their logos on the mat. They don’t have a promotion. They don’t have any infrastructure. They don’t have the funding to make any event possible. 


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Paul emphasized that Diaz’s unwillingness to fight him might cost him millions of dollars So what do you think would be the outcome if this epic MMA fight is ever to happen?

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