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VIDEO: Dana White’s Hilarious Reaction to Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Rules

VIDEO: Dana White’s Hilarious Reaction to Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Rules

Mike Tyson returns to action after spending almost 15 years on the sidelines to take on Roy Jones Jr. on November 28th. ‘Iron Mike’ is set to take on Roy Jones in an ‘exhibition’ bout.

The rules of the bout are a bit unique though, and many, including the UFC President Dana White, were in the dark about the said regulations.

When asked about his prediction on the fight, White said, “It’s such a tough one to call, when is the last time we saw either one of them fight?” 

Then the UFC President was told by one of the media personnel that the legendary boxers were not allowed to knock each other out as part of the rules for this exhibition bout.

There’s no knockouts? They are not allowed to knock each other out?” asked a puzzled White before bursting into laughter and asking, “How do you enforce that?

He was told that the fighters would be briefed by the referee in the locker room ahead of their bout, so they make it seem like a hard sparring match instead of looking for the KO.

Dana White didn’t know there will be no betting too on the fight

I would like to bet that doesn’t happen, can you bet on that?” asked an amused White. He was further surprised when he was informed that since this was to be an exhibition fight, there would be no betting.

However, what caught the UFC point man off guard was the fact that the fight will not be scored by any judges; in fact, the fight will not be scored at all and neither fighter would be crowned the victor towards the end of the bout. All of this was news to White as well.

I did not know that. Teaching me things you guys. I don’t even know what to say to that,” he told the media. Dana White was clearly amused to hear the rules, to say the least.

LAS VEGAS – CIRCA 1989: Mike Tyson poses with his white tiger during an interview at his home.
(Photo by: The Ring Magazine via Getty Images)

Israel Adesanya is slated to sit at the commentator’s desk and call the highly anticipated, albeit unusual, fight. However, this was a piece of information that White was privy to.

The bout between ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. is set to take place on the 28th of November. What do you think about the unique set of rules for this bout? Let us know in the comments below.

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