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Francis Ngannou has come from humble beginnings. Today, the star is at the front of the PFL after exiting Dana White‘s brainchild organization. ‘The Predator’ recently appeared in an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience and opened up about a lot of things. Ngannou spoke in his signature relaxed tone and didn’t hold back at all whenever he had things to say.

The host and Ngannou began talking about his roots and his initial days. The young fighter had a lot to look up to and a lot to go through as well. He opened up about how a boxing gym practically became his launching pad into the world of MMA.

Francis Ngannou didn’t know anything about MMA


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Francis Ngannou is a rags-to-riches story like no other. Growing up in Cameroon, the fighter faced many difficulties and had to battle poverty and gang influence. But he powered through and kept away from gangs turning to Boxing instead, later, he went to France and had to be homeless while he pursued Boxing.

” . . . when you went to an MMA gym, they convinced you to fight?” Joe Rogan asked the fighter. “When I went to France? Yeah,” answered Ngannou. “A guy from a boxing gym named DT Carmont, the first boxing gym that I get into. But he was also a martial artist himself. And he said, bro I think you have a very good potential. I think you best outcome now, regarding your situation, because I was still homeless at the time. I think your best outcome will be MMA.” Ngannou recalled being confused at the moment. “I’m like what’s MMA?”

As far long as he can remember, Ngannou always wanted to be a boxer. It all stemmed from his father’s reputation of being a street fighter. When he discovered MMA Ngannou decided to go into that direction. Afterwards, he recalled how he had to be explained what MMA was in the first place before he recognized seeing the sport.

“He started to explain to me like,” Ngannou said. “I’m like ah okay, that sport that they do in the cage. He said yes, I’m like ah I have seen it. He said if you train some takedown defense and Jiu Jitsu, (I said) what is Jui Jitsu. (He) started to explain. I think you’re going to be a UFC champion one day. (I asked) What is UFC?”

Rogan had a barrage of laughter going at it as Ngannou expressed his story with great enthusiasm. He revealed that he was still about 27 when he finally got into MMA. According to Rogan he was older than most fighters when he even set foot into the Octagon for the first time. Although it is not like that this fact, held him back from conquering the Octagon. Furthermore, he is empathically looking forward to achieving his dream of boxing.


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What’s next for Ngannou?

Ngannou is now looking forward to resuming his dream of boxing. His next and first on-record boxing fight will be against ‘The Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury. His gym motivator was absolutely correct about him becoming a UFC champ one day. Now, Ngannou will try and take on every dream he ever dreamed.

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The fight will go down in Riyad, Saudi Arabia. This will mark Ngannou’s first fight with the PFL which he joined after quitting the UFC over contractual issues. Ngannou is reportedly being paid a massive fight purse to battle fury and he’s not taking it lightly. The fighter has trained alongside Mike Tyson to prepare and he’s leaving no stone unturned. Will Ngannou claim the victory and become a historic figure in MMA history? Only one way to find out.

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