‘World’s Biggest Chicken’ – Jake Paul Takes Aim at Conor McGregor Attempting to Lure Him for a Fight

January 20, 2021 12:18 am

Jake Paul is leaving no stone unturned towards calling out Conor McGregor for a fight. The YouTuber has posted a video once again on his social media taunting the Irishman. Labeling him as a ‘chicken’, Paul reminded McGregor of his $50 million offer to fight him in a manner atypical of the Paul brothers.

After knocking out former NBA player Nate Robinson in November, Paul has been making all possible attempts to lure in the big fish. He has resorted to rather extreme measures which even involves commentating on the looks of his fiancee, Dee Devlin. Paul even defended the same by terming it as an act of giving Conor a taste of his own medicine.

The elder Paul brother will fight Floyd Mayweather next month. However, despite his, somewhat, over the top attempts, Jake Paul is yet to extract a reply from ‘The Notorious One’. Hence, it seems Paul is now trying even harder.

“I love all chickens besides Conor McGregor. He is the world’s biggest chicken. Conor McGregor, you were just talking about me in the media saying if it makes money it makes sense. I offered you fifty million dollars. You’re getting five to fight Dustin Poirier. I think you’re a chicken. You have never been offered fifty million dollars to fight someone,” Paul said in a video posted on his Instagram.

Conor McGregor may have already given an indirect reply to Jake Paul

Conor McGregor is currently gearing up to fight Dustin Poirier this weekend at UFC 257. The former double champ expects 2021 to be everything and more that he wanted from 2020. At 32 years of age, McGregor might be at a stage where he is unlocking the true potential of his physical gifts.

In some ways, McGregor has been where Paul is currently. On the heights of his prowess in the UFC, McGregor put the combat sports world into a frenzy when he brought Floyd Mayweather out of retirement. Regardless, McGregor doesn’t seem to be interested in a cash grab of a fight with Paul.

In an interview with ESPN a few days back, the Irishman referred to himself as a ‘whale‘ that has stopped taking the baits. Although he didn’t mention any names explicitly, McGregor’s message was for anyone and everyone calling him, which includes Paul as well.

Despite Jake Paul’s aggressive attempts, it seems very less likely that McGregor accepts his offer. As someone who is eyeing a fight with Manny Pacquiao, fighting Jake Paul doesn’t really fit in his plans for the near future.

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