“We Want Andrew Tate”: Rumors of Joe Rogan’s $200 Million JRE Podcast Featuring in GTA 6 Breaks the Internet

Published 09/06/2023, 10:34 AM EDT

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Is the JRE podcast featuring in GTA 6? With a star-studded guest list and ever-intriguing conversations, Joe Rogan’s JRE has achieved global recognition and amassed a colossal following over the years. After a $200 million deal with Spotify and a loyal fanbase that is always increasing, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ is marching ahead. Recently, a massive rumor about JRE’s collaboration with GTA 6 took over the internet.

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GTA 6, or Grand Theft Auto 6, has been the subject of intense anticipation among gamers. However, despite numerous leaks and speculations, the release date for the game remains shrouded in mystery. The latest rumor involving Joe Rogan and GTA 6 has increased fans’ excitement about this game.

Joe Rogan in GTA 6? Doesn’t he dislike video games?


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The word on the digital streets is that Joe Rogan’s presence will grace the GTA 6 game. However, he won’t appear as a character that fans can see. Instead, Rogan’s JRE podcast will be a radio station in the game. This unconfirmed report has sparked a wave of curiosity and speculation among fans.

Historically, the GTA franchise has been known for its eccentric and often satirical in-game radio stations. In the past GTA games, a diverse array of humorous and fictional characters have been featured as radio hosts. This tradition of spoofing characters has led some fans to express skepticism about the potential inclusion of a real-world celebrity like Joe Rogan.


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Further, Rogan himself is a staunch anti-video game advocate. He once labeled them ‘too addictive,’ having been a gamer in the past. But on the contrary, the UFC commentator has lent his voice to the first three UFC games from EA Sports. However, UFC 4 and the soon-to-be-released UFC 5 will not feature Rogan’s eccentric commentary. All these factors back the mixed reception to this news from the fans.


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Under an Instagram post detailing this news, fans gave their thoughts on the multi-million dollar podcast being a part of the GTA universe. Unsurprisingly, there were fans who shared their excitement at the prospect, as well as those who took the news with a grain of salt. There were also those who suggested another podcaster who might be a better fit for the world of GTA than Joe Rogan.

Do people want Joe Rogan in GTA 6? Fans have ‘crazy’ ideas

These fans contemplated the idea of playing the game listening to JRE. Meanwhile, one of them shared their skepticism about the game not coming out anytime soon- a sentiment that was reiterated multiple times in the comments.

  • “Realistic background noise to a man’s violent crime spree”
  • “That crazy”
  • “That’s great to hear while playing GTA 6, IF we’re still alive when it finally released.”
  • “Catch me driving around for 4hrs just to listen to a podcast let’s gooooo”

Some fans talked about the immense delay in the release of GTA 6.

  • “Looking forward to this when they release it in 2069”
  • “We want andrew tate tbh”
  • They’re definitely gonna have an Andrew tate type saying crazy shid. He basically is already a parody GTA character”

Further, some fans revealed other big names that they would want to see in the game.

  • “Theo von would be a great radio podcast in gta too his personality is fits gta”
  • “W, add Joey Diaz”


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However, there were some who were not sure if this news was true.

  • “doubt it. joe isn’t a fan of recording voice lines for video games, that’s why he’s not a commentator in the recent UFC games.”


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As the gaming community eagerly awaits any official confirmation or details regarding Rogan’s involvement in GTA 6, the excitement surrounding the game’s release continues to build. Do you think Joe Rogan will make an appearance in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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