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“Shaq Is an Impossibly Large Human”: Female UFC Champ Lifting Up Shaquille O’Neal Despite a Weight Difference of 210LBS Sends Fans in a Frenzy

Published 09/30/2023, 11:44 AM EDT

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Shaquille O’Neal, is a larger-than-life NBA legend and avid UFC fan. Recently, he had a surprise while working out at the gym. The 7’1″ basketball icon met none other than two-time UFC women’s champ Zhang Weili, known for her prowess in the strawweight division. What ensued was a memorable and somewhat hilarious encounter that sent fans into a frenzy.

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As a dedicated follower of the UFC, Shaq prides himself on his knowledge of MMA and stays updated on all things happening inside and outside the Octagon. However, even for someone as towering as Shaq, meeting a UFC champion face-to-face can be a remarkable experience. So, what went down when these two icons met? Let’s find out!

Shaquille O’Neal surprised by UFC champ’s power


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Zhang Weili, aka ‘Magnum’, casually pulled up to Shaq’s gym. The clip kicks off with Shaq working out on the elliptical. He was blown away by the sudden appearance of ‘Magnum.’ As it turns out, it was the UFC champ’s birthday! The two exchanged greetings and pleasantries, with Shaq even wishing her a ‘happy birthday.’ But it was when the playful part of their meeting began that things took a hilarious turn.

Shaquille O’Neal, curious and perhaps a tad brave, asked Weili to demonstrate her striking abilities. Ready for action, Shaq braced himself for a punch from the strawweight superstar. What followed was a swift and powerful blow to Shaq’s solar plexus that left him momentarily winded. It was a clear demonstration of why Weili is among the best in the business.


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However, the real surprise came toward the end of their gym rendezvous. Zhang Weili, standing at just 5’4″ and weighing in at 115lbs decided to test her strength by attempting to lift the towering 325lbs Shaq off the ground. And, much to everyone’s amazement, she did so with remarkable ease, effortlessly hoisting the massive basketball legend off his feet. What’s more – just a couple hours after Zhang posted the clip on IG, the NBA legend took to the comments section to add a message for his new friend, saying, “You hit hard!”

Fans are going wild after Shaq and Zhang’s interaction goes viral

The heartwarming gym encounter between Shaq and Weili didn’t just leave the two athletes amused; it also sparked a wave of reactions from fans and admirers on the Internet. Let’s delve into some of the humorous and heartening responses to this unexpected meeting of giants:

Fans appreciated the genuine camaraderie between two athletes from different worlds. One fan chimed in, with comments like:

“I love how happy Zhang is to meet her fellow athletes, much love champ.”

Some echoed a sentiment previously expressed by UFC star Colby Covington, adding: “Colby was right. She is a Natural Beauty.”

Many were in awe of Shaq’s sheer size, and his friendly disposition during the encounter only added to his charm.

“Shaq is an impossibly large human. And a good one.”

“I am a fan of yours”

One fan playfully expressed concern for Shaq, quipping: “Don’t hurt him Champ :)”

Moreover, it seems like Shaq’s larger-than-life persona has earned him nicknames around the world:

“Big shark is Shaq’s nickname in china.”

In reference to Francis Ngannou’s famous feat of lifting the NBA legend off the ground, fans playfully suggested that Weili could have replicated the feat.


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“You should have picked him up like you did Francis lol.”

Observant fans couldn’t help but notice the size difference between the duo:

“Her whole hand is the sound of his palm. That’s crazy.”


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The unexpected meeting of Shaquille O’Neal and Weili at the gym brought together two giants of different realms, showcasing their mutual respect and love for sports. The heartwarming and humorous fan reactions only added to the joy of this remarkable encounter. What do you make of this amusing clip? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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