‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ recently featured the comedian, actor, and writer, Yannis Pappas. In the episode, the duo seemed to be talking about people and animals that have superior senses, like hearing, smell, and vision. However, Rogan became insecure as he talked about his poor vision.

Cameron Hanes and Joe Rogan are well-known in the world as great friends. Their hunting experience and podcasts show a lot more than an average friendship. However, Rogan’s insecurity about eyesight left the UFC world shocked.


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Joe Rogan and his insecurity with vision

Joe Rogan is counted as one of the most confident people. However, his uncertainty comes from his friend, Cam Hanes, having a better vision than himself. In the recent episode of JRE, Rogan and Yannis Pappas talked about people having superior senses than average. Then, the talks fell upon vision.

The UFC commentator began talking about his poor eyesight. He revealed that Cameron Hanes had really better eyesight than himself. Rogan said, “Cam Hanes and I are the same age, but that motherf**ker’s vision is so much better than mine. My vision su*ks. Like if I’m looking at my phone, now, I got to like, f**king get squirrely with it.”

“In the morning, I don’t even- I put reading glasses on. I don’t even bother trying to read the email on my f**king phone with no glasses and screw something up.”

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Furthermore, he said that Hanes has no problems with his eyes, which the podcaster found very disturbing. He said, “But Cam, he’s got no problem. So he has zero problems with his eyes. Very disturbing to me.”

Rogan’s friendship with Cam Hanes 


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Cameron Hanes is a bowhunter, entrepreneur, author, and podcaster. The owner of ‘Keep Hammering’ brand and an endurance athlete is in fact a good friend of the beloved UFC commentator. Although Hanes is a very successful man, he rose after his first appearance in the JRE, back in 2014.

Earlier in May, Hanes took to Facebook and told the world how Joe Rogan helped in his success. He wrote, “From this tweet in 2014 to now @joerogan has helped change my life for the better. In 2014 we didn’t know each and now he’s written the foreword for my book and believes in me as much as anyone in the world.”


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Nonetheless, some friendships are worth significantly more than mere insecurities. What are your thoughts on Joe Rogan and Cam Hanes’ friendship? Let us know in the comments down below.