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6 Years Later, Miesha Tate Recalls Joe Rogan’s Struggle To Not Stare at “Her B*tt”: “I Always Wondered…”

Published 12/10/2022, 8:45 AM EST

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Joe Rogan has served as one of the greatest commentators in the history of combat sports. However, the job sometimes puts him in really awkward situations. Given the nature of his work, he is supposed to be present on the stage during the weigh-ins and face-offs. But where his eyes move is probably beyond his control. Hence, a specifically hilarious situation took place involving Miesha Tate.

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In 2016, during Miesha Tate’s weigh-in, Rogan was observed looking away, as the fighter undressed to get on the scale. Although the incident gained popularity, it quickly died down. However, Tate decided to freshen things up, as she posted a picture on Instagram, showing the awkward Rogan during the UFC 200 weigh-in.


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Miesha Tate revisits the Joe Rogan drama

During the UFC 200 weigh-ins, back in 2016, Joe Rogan was hilariously caught trying not to look at Meisha Tate. The famed UFC commentator was caught staring at the fighters several times during the weigh-ins and face-offs. However, UFC 200 brought in a different side of Rogan, where he seemingly gave it his all, trying not to look at Tate. 


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The incident was recently revisited by ‘Cupcake’. She posted a picture of the weigh-in where she was taking off her bottom wear. Undeniably, it was Rogan’s face that caught hold of the UFC world. The JRE host was looking away as Tate struggled with her pants. However, the former bantamweight champion wrote in the caption, “I always wondered whatever happened to these pants. I really liked them…”


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Without a doubt, many of the fans found Rogan’s behavior side cracking. After the UFC 200 weigh-in, Tate and Rogan shared a light chat on Twitter regarding the incident. Surprisingly, the podcaster wrote his justification with honesty and fun, years ago.

Rogan wrote, “I’m thinking “Do NOT get caught on camera staring at her b*tt… AGAIN.”” ‘Cupcake’ tweeted a reply, “@joerogan exudes self control,” followed by a laughing emoji.

Joe Rogan’s struggle with Ronda Rousey


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The incident with Miesha Tate wasn’t the first time Rogan was caught off guard. Previously, the former ‘Fear Factor’ host was caught staring at Ronda Rousey’s back as she stripped for the UFC 168 face-off, in 2013. Furthermore, Rogan was captured making weird expressions as the face-off proceeded. 

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Additionally, the commentator was seen looking at Tate during the UFC 196 weigh-ins. Although Rogan was trying his best not to look at her, he definitely failed in doing so. But this time, the podcaster kept a straight face and did not display any weird expression. However, he finally succeeded as he averted his eyes during Tate’s bout against Amanda Nunes.


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