After Dropping His UFC Title to Bitter Rival Alex Pereira, Israel Adesanya Discloses His Source for Peace

Published 12/29/2022, 3:11 PM EST

Out of all the UFC fighters, Israel Adesanya arguably has the most diverse narratives. Marking an unlimited source of entertainment and wholesomeness. Recently, Adesanya put up a story tagging an ‘Ask me a Question’ sticker for fans. One of the fans asked ‘Stylebender’, “what brings you peace?” This question can throw a lot of combat sports athletes in wonder. However, Adesanya’s reply was heartwarming. His reply left everyone in amazement and fans appreciated his spirit even after his defeat at the hands of Alex Pereira.


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The 33-year-old Nigerian UFC fighter does not elaborate that he is a pacifist, but rather explains how he is able to stay mentally calm. The life tip given by him is not a new one, however, this will hopefully help a million of his fans.

 Israel Adesanya shares his mantra for peace

Even in the most challenging times, Adesanya’s mantra for peace never changes. The UFC star wrote in his story as an answer, “truly living in the moment. Not dwelling on the past or longing for the future. I find myself at peace when I am living in the moment and having a pure heart. I can sleep well at night.”


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His words indicate that he believes in living life to the fullest. Undoubtedly, dwelling on the past can make your actions slow, often resulting in missing the opportunity. On the other hand, longing for the future can make you impulsive. According to Adesanya, living in present and “in the moment” can help make your life peaceful. This philosophy made his life better after he lost his title fight to Pereira.

Importance of peace in the world of MMA


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This topic of peace, as shared by Adesanya, is of special importance to MMA. Especially after a public controversy or after a terrible defeat. In such stressful times, fighters may often find themselves in a cruel situation. This bitter situation goes easy on nobody. Hence, it is crucial for our favorite athletes to learn how to cope with such issues.

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As mentioned by ‘The Last Stylebender’, the little things in life are worth paying attention to. No matter if you fight in a ring or work a dead-end job. There’s no fun in living without enjoying those precious little moments you pass by.


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