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After Learning About the Dreadful Fate of Jamie Foxx, Michael Jai White Opens Up About the Hollywood Star’s Condition: “I’ve Heard Something About Him Having Problems”

Published 05/31/2023, 2:38 AM EDT

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The name Jamie Foxx is synonymous with entertainment. He’s well-known for his funny antics and iconic performances. But his health has been a growing concern for fans and family alike. Even boxing veteran Mike Tyson recently commented on Foxx’s health, following rumors about him working alongside Tyson for his potential biopic. Following all the buzz around his recent deteriorating health condition, another wild conjecture has been made. According to a famous American actor and MMA artist, Foxx had repeated problems with cholesterol – a sad surprise for all who love him.

America’s Favorite Video Today

The VLADTV interview touches on a plethora of topics – from the seriousness of strokes – to the mysteries shrouding Foxx’s current state – and the probable ‘dreadful fate’ of Jamie Foxx.

Discussion about Jamie Foxx’s alleged stroke


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Another day, another Michael Jai White interview! In this interview, Michael Jai White shared his thoughts on the reported health issues of Hollywood star Jamie Foxx. The conversation touched upon the rumors of Foxx having a stroke and the importance of healthcare.

Vlad: “I believe he had a stroke. Now, that’s the news coming out – it seems like it was a stroke… Strokes are serious! You know, my grandmother – half her body got paralyzed from a stroke which she never recovered from. You know – she was bedridden for the rest of her life because that’s what happens, sometimes, in severe cases.”


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Vlad: “The fact that we haven’t seen a video of Jamie… you know, telling everyone he’s okay and stuff like that makes me think he’s probably not okay yet.”

Though there’s a lot of speculation, Vlad also suggested that since Foxx has a knack for being active on social media, he would definitely share an update if everything was fine. White seemed to agree, saying, “Yeah, I would think that as well.”

Michael Jai White: Speculations shroud Foxx’s health amidst a history of cholesterol

White brought up reports of Foxx having a history of problems with cholesterol. The actor said his source was someone who knew Foxx well. Despite having mutual friends, he chose not to dig further – out of respect for Foxx’s privacy and the influence of the media.


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“Yeah, I’ve heard something about him having problems in the past with cholesterol. I don’t know if that’s possible – but it came through somebody who I believe knows him very well.”

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Prior to this, Jamie’s daughter, Corrine had already made a public statement, dismissing all negative rumors. She declared that her father had been out of the hospital “for weeks”.


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What do you think is going on with Foxx?

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