Fighter pay in the UFC has been a contentious issue in recent years. The UFC and CEO Dana White have come under scrutiny by experts for the promotions payment practices. After securing a win at UFC Vegas 82 against Lucie Pudilova recently, Ailin Perez has made a stunning revelation about her earnings outside the UFC. Perez’s revelations are also in line with another former UFC fighter, Paige Van Zant.

In an interview with The MMA Hour, she revealed that her earnings from OnlyFans dwarf her UFC winnings by a considerable margin. VanZant has stated in interviews that her earnings from the UFC were substantially lower than what she has made from her OnlyFans page. And the numbers revealed by the two athletes indicate the large disparity in payment between their two endeavors!

Ailin Perez reveals the shocking difference between UFC pay and OnlyFans earnings


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Ailin Perez gained widespread attention for her post-fight celebration and subsequent OnlyFans success after her UFC Vegas 82 victory over Lucie Pudilová. Speaking on The MMA Hour, Pérez revealed that her OnlyFans earnings skyrocketed to over $30,000 within a week, surpassing her fight purse of $24,000.

This financial boost from the platform has become a significant source of income for Pérez, allowing her to make personal investments, like buying a car. Despite her love for fighting, the 29-year old emphasized the financial benefits she gains from OnlyFans, enabling her to sustain her combat sports career and overall lifestyle.

She stated, “I’m in the UFC because I love to fight. This is the challenge that I’ve put forth for myself in my life, and I’m fighting in the UFC because I love it. But I’m [making] the money I have on OnlyFans.”

Several female fighters, including Paige VanZant and Bec Rawlings, have spoken about the financial advantages of utilizing OnlyFans. VanZant in an interview with Barstool Sports revealed, “I think I made more money in 24 hours on OnlyFans than I had in my entire fighting career. Combined. Yeah.”

In essence, Ailin Perez and her story serves as a testament to the evolving financial landscape within the fight game. And highlights how fighters are increasingly exploring diverse revenue streams to secure their financial future. However, her comments also highlight the fighter pay issues the UFC has come under scrutiny for.

Fighter pay details in the UFC come to light 

Recent revelations from unsealed UFC antitrust lawsuit documents shed light on the earnings of 33 former champions between 2011 and 2016, with Bloody Elbow providing a comprehensive list of payouts. Notably, former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic’s disclosed purse for his UFC 203 title defense against Alistair Overeem in September 2016 was $650,000, including a $50,000 Fight of the Night bonus.


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However, the documents also bring attention to the stark disparities in earnings. Such as former flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, who, despite making 11 consecutive title defenses, never earned more than $350,000 for any listed defense!

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The ongoing discourse around fighter pay in the UFC remains a persistent issue. Therefore, the insights from these unsealed documents may prompt future discussions and potential reforms in the industry. Do you think fighters in the UFC deserve a better structure for their income? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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