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Will Alex Pereira add a UFC title in a third weight class to his already impressive resume? The fans have been wondering what’s next for ‘Poatan’ after he successfully defended his light-heavyweight crown against Jiri Prochazka in a short-notice fight at UFC 303. It has taken Pereira only 736 days or 7 bouts to become a two-division champion in the UFC. During his UFC 303 post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, ‘Poatan’ had stated about a move to heavyweight, “I think that’s in my future, I said that last time I was here, I say that a lot but there didn’t seem to be too much interest in the organization…”. 

Jon Jones, the current undisputed heavyweight champion, had also indicated his interest in facing Pereira after his fight against Stipe Miocic with one caveat, however, according to a UFC insider, there is a way for Pereira to shorten the process of moving up to heavyweight.

Former UFC fighter reveals strategy to fast-track Alex Pereira’s decision to become a UFC heavyweight


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UFC CEO Dana White was asked to share his thoughts about Alex Pereira pursuing a move up to heavyweight after his devastating finish to Jiri Prochazka at UFC 303. While the UFC boss was full of praise for the Brazilian, he stated, “If he cleaned out a division and we were like, there’s literally nobody left for this guy to fight, and he’s 37, if he wants to move up to heavyweight [we’ll let him], but that’s not the case…”

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UFC veteran Chael Sonnen, however, has put forth an intriguing yet unconventional perspective on the quickest path Pereira could take to reach this milestone. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Sonnen stated,I’m only reminding you of this because if your end goal is to get Pereira to heavyweight and you can’t figure out how to do it, you feel as though you’re stuck between two camps. Beat Ankalaev, avoid Ankalaev, well no, not so fast.”

Magomed Ankalaev, the no.2 ranked contender in the light heavyweight division, has been campaigning for a title shot against Pereira after UFC 303. However, according to Sonnen, “Not so fast, your fastest route if we’re going to judge history would be to not only fight Ankalaev, it would be to lose to him.”

Sonnen further explained this surprise twist as he claimed that if Pereira were to defeat Ankalaev, it would spark endless debates about his eligibility to move up. Fans and commentators would endlessly discuss whether he deserves a shot at becoming a three-division champion, potentially delaying his progress.

So, the UFC veteran then went on to reveal, “If he loses to Ankalaev, all he has to do is raise his hand the very next morning and say, I am now a heavyweight and guess what, he will be. They will put him at heavyweight.” However, Sonnen ended his statement by pointing out that this scenario is only a hypothetical situation and advised fans not to “bank” on it.


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Nevertheless, this unconventional strategy does provide an interesting perspective on the situation. But recently, Alex Pereira has also caused waves in the MMA sphere, as he indicated that he might also be looking to pursue another “dream” outside the UFC.

‘Poatan’ not content with conquering kickboxing and MMA

In a surprising statement on social media, British heavyweight boxing star Anthony Joshua recently claimed that “Alex Pereira should make a boxing debut one day”. While ‘Poatan’ does have a win as a professional boxer on his record, a TKO victory over Marcelo de Souza Cruz in 2017 in his home country of Brazil, his newfound stardom in the UFC could make for a massive crossover event if he chooses to pursue another fight inside the squared circle.


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Pereira responded to Joshua’s post with a reply that stated, “I’m honored you think so. It’s always been my dream, I’m 37 I cannot make a career in it so who do you recommend I fight?” As such, it remains to be seen if ‘Poatan’ will continue his reign of dominance in the UFC or if he’ll take a break to focus on his “dream” of fighting in a massive boxing event.

Do you have any names that you’d like to see face off against the Brazilian knockout artist inside the boxing ring? Let us know in the comments below.