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“All I Do Is Look at the…”- After 14 Years of Doing Podcast, Joe Rogan Finally Reveals How He Selects the Guests for His $200M Worth Show

Published 10/02/2023, 12:13 AM EDT

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The Joe Rogan Experience is famous for its range. The famous podcaster could literally be speaking to anyone in the next episode and guests wouldn’t be able to guess who. While Rogan has great knowledge of the combat sports world, that doesn’t stop him from inviting guests from a plethora of other spheres.

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MMA fighters and professionals might be the bread and butter of the podcast but they’re not all there is. Conspiracy theorists? Done. Men’s health experts? Absolutely. Everyone is welcome on The Joe Rogan Experience as long as Rogan’s this one condition is fulfilled. Recently, the caster spoke about his entire process of selecting guests. So what does it look like?

Joe Rogan and his biggest condition for guests


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Joe Rogan doesn’t have a very complicated condition that needs fulfillment for someone to be invited to the podcast. Recently, on an episode with UFC bantamweight champ Sean O’Malley and his coach Tim Welch. Welch opened up the conversation, asking about the guests Rogan has on the podcast and how long it takes to decide on a guest.

“It’s pretty far and advanced. Most of the time is that it’s booked and it’s all booked on my interests,” said Rogan. “So it’s a 100% on what I’m interested in. It’s like all I do is look at the potentials. Sometimes I reach out to people.” In his trade, a lot of potential personalities want to be guests.


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That means Rogan gets a lot of people asking him to let them be on an episode. “And sometimes it’s just they’ll send the email and it goes through my guy and it gets filtered back to me. And he sends the ones that are relevant and I look at those . . . I just look [at] what interests me.”

Clearly, the podcaster has his priorities set in the right spot. Things just become easier and naturally more entertaining if he has guests he’s interested in talking to. This paired up with the easy-go flow of the conversations is what’s made the podcast such a sensation among fans. The conversations can last from anywhere between one hour to three or even five hours at once.

How many guests does Rogan have over a week?


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Rogan usually does several episodes in a week. Two, three, sometimes the podcaster does four or more in a single week. Doing so without a streamlined process must prove difficult. But for Rogan, it all depend on what he’s interested in. Nothing else stand ahead of that reason. As long as it suits him, he’ll do as many episodes as he’d like.

“One day I’d be talking to Eddie Bravo, we’d just be fu*king around, talking sh*t,” Rogan started. and the next day I’d be talking to some super scientist, mathematicians, and geniuses and psychologists.”

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Last week alone, the podcaster did five episodes from the 26th of September to the 30th. It started with health and fitness expert Michael Easter and ended with comedian Joe List. The Joe Rogan Experience is a great platform for comedians who often come over and share some of their funniest takes. They also get a chance to get comfortable with Rogan and he could invite them to the Comedy Mothership. His very own comedy club in Texas.

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