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Amidst Actor Bruce Willis’ Hollywood Retirement Due to Aphasia Diagnosis, Looking at Ronda Rousey’s Own Childhood Struggles

Published 03/31/2022, 8:38 AM EDT

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Ronda Rousey may have retired from MMA, but her contribution to the sport was huge. She quickly rose to fame because of her confidence, skills, and undefeated streak. While Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes successfully stopped her, her popularity was like no other.

However, the way to the top wasn’t easy. She had to overcome several things. As reported by ‘USA Today Sports‘, Rousey was born with the Umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. It was speculated that because of that, she could not speak clearly even at age six.


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She suffered from a condition called ‘Apraxia’. Laura Smith, a clinician who specializes in childhood apraxia of speech, resonated with Rousey’s story. According to her, the condition isn’t well-known and even she wasn’t able to recognize when it affected her child.

Rousey had said, “They wanted to put me in a special classroom away from my friends. They thought I was stupid! But by fourth grade I was top of my class in algebra, and by high school I tested gifted.”

Rousey has openly spoken about her struggle with apraxia. However, there is yet another famous personality who is suffering from a similar disorder. According to ‘The New Your Times‘, actor Bruce Willis has received a diagnosis of ‘Aphasia’ and hence, wants to step away from his career.


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As per the article, aphasia affects the brain’s language center and verbal expression. Willis’ ex-wife and actor Demi Moore announced his diagnosis on Instagram. Thus, Willis received a lot of support on social media.


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Moore herself mentioned that Willis would not be continuing his career.

More about Bruce Willis and his acting career

The actor has been a part of some huge movies. Some famous ones include ‘Die Hard’ series, ‘The Sixth Sense’, ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Armageddon’ and many more. Apart from his movies, he is also famous for playing the role of detective David Addison in ‘Moonlighting’. He has won several awards throughout his career.


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Thus, his absence from the industry will surely be a loss. Fans will miss seeing him on the big screen. However, currently, the actor requires paying attention to his health.


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Several celebrities and well-known people came forward to support Willis. Thus, with the actor facing health challenges, fans and loved one’s supporting him is heartwarming.

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