An Insight Into the Daily Routine of the Famous UFC Commentator & Spotify Podcaster Joe Rogan

Published 03/28/2022, 12:36 PM EDT

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Joe Rogan is one of the most influential people in the world. This is because of his widely heard podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Life Experience’ on Spotify. However, this wasn’t his career option in his early days.

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The famous Rogan during his youth practiced mixed martial arts. He is a black belt in Brazilian ju-jitsu, Taekwondo, and Karate. He has also competed in the US Open grand championship tournament. Furthermore, he was a full-contact champion for four consecutive years in Massachusetts.


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Moreover, Rogan has an amateur record of 2-1 in kickboxing. He wanted to pursue a career in combat sports but couldn’t because of an injury. However, he has his fair share in combat sports, as Rogan is the voice of one of the biggest MMA promotions in the world.

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The UFC commentator had a chiseled physique when he was competing in mixed martial arts. And although he is not competing now, the 54-year-old, despite his age, has maintained a good physique. Credits to his exercise regime and preserved routine.

Inside Joe Rogan’s busy day

Joe Rogan is a very busy man with a packed daily schedule. He has more than one job a day. Rogan works as a commentator for most of the UFC’s major events. However, when he is not commenting on the UFC fights, the 54-year-old works on his podcasts. Rogan has signed a $200 million deal with the streaming platform Spotify.

He started from scratch and only made videos for YouTube. However, today his podcast is one of the most heard on Spotify. According to the reports, the JRE host posts 5 episodes each week and makes around $100k with each episode.


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Apart from commenting on fights and the JRE podcast, Rogan also does comedy shows. He has done shows in renowned clubs across America and has a total of six comedy specials under his name. Moreover, he also likes working out and spending time with his family during the day.

Joe Rogan’s morning schedule

Rogan doesn’t have a fixed morning routine as he does late-night comedy shows or an early morning podcast episode. However, he prefers getting a complete eight hours of sleep.

In an episode of his podcast in 2018, Rogan gave a brief insight into his morning routine. The 54-year-old wakes up around 9 to 10 am. However, the timings are heavily dependent on his last night’s schedule.

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The first thing Rogan does in the morning is drink water with a pinch of Himalayan salt. However, he also has coffee sometimes and prepares for the day with a fasted cardio session. Either running, weight lifting, or anything related to MMA.

Rogan’s training session in the afternoon

Rogan has a fully equipped gym at his home. Hence, he doesn’t have to travel for a workout session. Following his intense training, Rogan has some eggs and a smoothie in his post-workout meal.


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The UFC commentator has stated several times that he prefers a carnivore diet. Hence, for lunch, Rogan only eats kimchi and meat from his hunts mostly elk meat. Rogan enjoys hunting and doesn’t shy about sharing it on social media. He has plenty of pictures on his Instagram account, too.

Rogan’s evening routine

Following his afternoon schedule, the JRE host travels to his studio to prepare for his next podcast. After completing his work, Rogan returns home to have dinner with his family. Given he is a fitness enthusiast, the 54-year-old only has meat and some vegetables for dinner.


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After that, Rogan spends some time with his wife and daughters at home watching movies. The JRE host finishes his day with writing. Rogan is a firm believer in journaling. At night, he schedules his next day by writing his goals and ideas in a notebook. The 54-year-old also uses a Whoop device to monitor his sleep for a healthy mind and body.

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