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“And Then Snoop’s Guys Came”: Hollywood Star Michael Jai White Recalls “Scrap” Between Snoop Dogg and Mack 10 While Backing His Earlier Claim

Published 05/29/2023, 7:22 AM EDT

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Hollywood star Michael Jai White knows a thing or two about fighting. That’s not based on the fact he’s been a top-tier action star, but because he actually holds black belts in multiple martial arts. The 55-year-old has an extensive martial arts background with black belts in various forms of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Wushu.

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White has also been a part of several iconic action movies, including franchises like ‘Universal Soldier’, ‘Undisputed’, and ‘Never Back Down’. With his real life and reel life experience, White is a good judge of fighting skills. Therefore, it was not at all impressive to him when Snoop Dogg and Mack 10’s crew brawled in front of him.

The ‘Spawn’ star recently gave an interview to Vlad TV, where he recalled witnessing a fight between the two music stars’ entourages. Not only did they not impress White, but he found it to be a hilarious affair. White went into detail about the incident during his chat on Vlad TV.


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Michael Jai White recalls Snoop Dogg-Mack 10 brawl

Recalling the incident that happened on ‘The Jerry Springer Show,’ Michael Jai White said, “I was at the studio when Snoop’s crew and Mack 10’s crew got into this fight and it was the funniest sh*t I’d ever want to see. Because there was these big bodyguard type of dudes going ‘What you gonna do? what you doing?'”

He continued, “And I was like ‘What the f***?’ And then Snoop’s guys came. They were coming back and I thought they were coming back with guns. They had like two pit bulls and were like ‘Get ’em Sparky.’ I’m like, ‘This is some dumb sh*t right here.'”


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He added, “That’s just funny to me because there’s this inference that people know how to fight. A lot of these guys, they don’t get in the gym. They don’t learn how to really scrap and it’s on the street. People don’t really know how to fight. So when I see that kind of stuff, it’s kind of funny.”

As a martial artist himself, White is of the opinion that most people do not know how to fight. He emphasized the same at different points in the interview. He added he watched fights from the point of a referee. Refusing to comment on whether the fights on the show were real, White said he had seen both real and staged fights and that most people did not know how to fight either way.

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What are your thoughts on Michael Jai White’s comments? Do you think people know how to fight? Or is it strictly something that trained fighters do? And have you ever been in a brawl?


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