What is the most talked about thing in the MMA right now? Well, it’s none other than Conor McGregor‘s comeback to the UFC. The former dual-weight champion is about to lock horns against Michael Chandler on June 29th. Their clash has been on the cards since last year but it finally happened after the DFSI and USADA were sure that McGregor was ready to compete. However, is he really ready to compete on the grand stage again?

The last time ‘Mystic Mac’ entered the Octagon was back on July 10, 2021. The former dual-weight champion fought against Dustin Poirier. That fight was one of the most career-changing events for the ‘Notorious’. Dustin Poirier defeated McGregor, however, it was mainly because he broke his shin. That injury forced McGregor to stay away from the Octagon for a period of three years.


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Nonetheless, McGregor recently uploaded a sparring video where he can be seen knocking out his partner. However, it seems like the video was not enough to justify to the MMA community that he is ready to take on Chandler. During the video, McGregor threw a slow jab which rattled his opponent but will it be enough on fight night? Maybe not.

This is not the first time where McGregor has uploaded instances of his training. The former dual-weight champion also uploaded multiple videos where he could be seen dominating his opponents. However, the community states that McGregor is just knocking out nobodies in his fight.

Conor McGregor’s sparring video did not impress the fight fans

The sarcastic verbal attacks on McGregor began with fans claiming that he was merely sparring with amateurs rather than professional fighters. McGregor trains at the Crumlin Boxing Club in Ireland.

“dudes sparring my middle school teacher”

Furthermore, another fan added that McGregor should focus on other aspects of MMA as well. It must be noted that McGregor is a fighter who employs striking much more than anything and his weak park is his BJJ. Fans want McGregor to make it his strong point as well but the former dual-weight champion thinks otherwise.

“Sharp? It’s not boxing mate. MMA we haven’t seen fk all mma training.”

Moreover, the verbal jab at Conor McGregor was continuous.

“A Costco employee”

According to a fan, the fight should be a cakewalk for McGregor and it might decide if he could compete in the future or not. It must be noted that McGregor is one of the most disciplined fighters in the promotion while on the other hand, Chandler lacks discipline. This fight would be a testament to ruthlessness and calmness.

“Tbh Chandler is by far the most winnable fight for Conor out of the top Lightweights, with how overaggressive he is. This fight will be really telling if McGregor is washed or not.”

According to one fan, the jab that McGregor threw was slow but it doesn’t mean that it lacked any power. However, will it be enough to subdue Chandler?

“Slow jab in my opinion, we need more video”


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Moreover, a fan advised McGregor to stop sparring with amateurs.

“He need to stop sparring amateurs and kids”

Finally, McGregor found some support for him as one of the fans stated that he would be defeating Chandler using his left hook. It must be noted that ‘Mystic Mac’ has one of the best left-hand punch in the UFC.


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“Hate him or love him, if chandler falls for that left , is all the world wants to see.”

Their fight would be a testament to Conor McGregor’s will to succeed in the sport even after setbacks. What are your thoughts on the match? Who do you think would emerge victorious in their clash? State your thoughts in the comments below.