As Conor McGregor Faces USADA Consequences, Gordon Ryan Slams Problematic USADA Interference in Sensational Take On Anti-Doping Agency’s UFC Move

Published 07/20/2023, 9:26 AM EDT

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BJJ GOAT Gordon Ryan doesn’t want USADA to interfere in grappling. The 28-year-old believes that the United States Anti-Doping Agency stepping into the grappling world can ‘ruin’ many things. Ryan is considered one of the greatest BJJ practitioners to ever live. He feels that a lot of athletes would be at an extreme disadvantage if USADA interfered in the Fight Pass events.

The five-time ADCC World Champion took a break from active competition after he faced some severe health issuesNow, the BJJ GOAT is recovering and has raised some eyebrows among his haters, who believed that he might be on steroids. However, the accusations of the fans never bothered Ryan, and he has always been vocal about USADA’s interference. Recently, Ryan appeared in an interview with Bruce Buffer on the podcast ‘It’s Time’ and shared his thoughts regarding USADA’s role in grappling.

Gordon Ryan is not okay with USADA’s interference


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Nick Rodriguez went on to call out, ‘The King’ after he achieved a glorious victory at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 Absolute tournament. Rodriguez called out Ryan, for a rematch but wanted the match to take place after USADA testing. Ryan was not happy with the fact that USADA would interfere in the rematch between Rodriguez and him. Hence, he turned down the offer.

The 28-year-old said, “I think if USADA steps into, like, Fight Pass events, for example, it’s gonna ruin Fight Pass events. And the reason is that if you’re competing in a Fight Pass event or if you’re competing on a Fight Pass Invitational and you’re getting randomly tested, that means now that you’re the only person in the sport who’s getting tested and a person who’s competing on FloGrappling for example, or ONE Championship, isn’t getting tested.”

Even though Ryan has been accused of using PEDs in the past few months, he has never hesitated to speak out against USADA. Ryan decided to speak out despite the criticism he knew he would face. Interestingly, Ryan is not the only one who had a bone to pick with USADA recently.

Conor McGregor’s rant against USADA


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A few months ago UFC star Conor McGregor had a standoff with USDA over their insistence that he spend six months in the testing pool. The Irishman went on a rant against the organization in a series of deleted tweets.

He wrote, “This is my issue. I’ve not lied once. Nor have I tested positive. Ever. I have over 70 clean tests under this program, yet they are constantly coming out after I speak in a manner that makes it seem I am lying. It’s ridiculous. F**k used. You are in The Bin.” 

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Months removed from the incident McGregor’s USADA status is unconfirmed and so is his return bout. So does Ryan have a point? Does USADA make things harder than it has to be? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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